Atlantic Ideals

A short-period windswell brings epic surf to the Outer Banks

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| posted on January 20, 2012
  • Brett Barley

    Photo #9 is Crew Hayes…. Not Ryan.

  • donboy

    you guys are hard core

  • Greg Siben

    Looks far from perfect. donboy is right, you guys are hardcore.

  • Crew Hayes

    Thanks Brett!!

  • Lusk

    just a lil south windswell..not a late season storm

  • Brett Barley

    also…. Lusk is right, this wasn’t a “late season storm”, just an average south swell. actually, pretty much a weekly storm during La Nina.

  • Matt

    East coast power. Thanks for the session guys.

  • Mark Newton

    We get the best of both worlds!!! North swells and South swells. This spot always barrells hard, just ask Jesse Hines. He broke his leg here. Just another low front. The rest of the east coast would not understand.

  • Boulder

    I surfed Ny 8 winters. I understand. Appears to be windy closeouts.

  • Scott

    Sick!!! I’m Moving.

  • Megan Gregg

    If only we would get a swell this pretty in south florida…

  • Tee Dogg

    We got the tail end of that system in the maritimes and it was glassy 4-5ft for 2 days..alotta new sandbars popped up. Still soakin the stoke in!

  • K. Huna

    Nova Scotia got this system… Tubes for miles!

  • MD

    Yes Mark…..only you guys get south wind swells…this showed up the same size from Delmarva north through South Jersey and was actually a little unique in that it moved off south of you guys with moderate SSE fetch as opposed to the typical SSW.