At Road’s End

A look back at Teahupoo's defining moments

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| posted on August 15, 2012
  • tillish bazooka

    I have never been there myself, but this makes me feel like it. Thank you guys..

  • OQ

    What happened to Vince Street? I heard he moved to Russia to shoot photos for the AP. That guy was a killer photog. That shot of Dorian is so sick……

  • matt o’brien

    how could you guys leave out Kelly’s “DROP” from this list. it was mentioned but not shown (copyrights?). THAT was the A+ moment of surfing right there. STILL, Killer article!! thanks

  • ranga

    The film shots have so much more depth than the digi shots. Digi shots look pretty flat compared to some of those older images.

  • Tiago Pank

    Raimana não pensou duas vezes pulou do jet, mas surfa muito!

  • Bob The Builder

    I hope for the sake of the guys in the take-off zone, that this is the last wave of the set!

  • Eric

    Anyone else notice the cloud formation that is the same shape of the wave AI is riding in shot #7

  • Eugene Allison

    Would have loved Malik Joyeux bomb from blackwater to be in this, i still think its the best bomb to this day anyone’s been towed into

  • Mike Bacon

    OQ – Photog Vince Street is living far from the water in North Idaho and is featured at Blackwell Gallery in Coeur D’ Alene Idaho. His Teahupoo 40″ x 60″ is a center piece of the gallery. His email is

  • old school

    crazy. i remember corey’s bomb. was ground breaking. now it looks like an average barrel out there.

  • Dac Blassingame

    this was a fantastic gallery!

  • ras74

    Insanely amazing bombs, wish I could do that!

  • Just another shark…

    Where’s Andy’s hell drop?! You know which one I’m talking about… Bruce looking over the ledge calling him chicken as Andy airdrops into oblivion… i get goose bumps just reminiscing about the first time I saw that image and the sequence it was part of.

  • Kony Boutilier

    The photo ”Channel traffic” makes it look like a French beach break

  • Ben

    I don’t think Corey’s wave back then (when was it, 1998?) was fully appreciated and given the coverage it deserved. That is still a super heavy paddle wave out there even by today’s standards (over 10 years on).

  • John Barry

    Is this real?