An Island Addiction

Getting a fix somewhere in the West Indies

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| posted on April 10, 2011
  • J Glanzer

    Who, wha? Nice!

  • Alex

    The fourth picture is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen.

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  • KPWahine

    These shots are incredible and I couldn’t be anymore jealous looking at these while I sit from behind a desk

  • dave

    insane photos….you guys at Surfer have some of the best photographers on staff, we need to see more of their photos on here

  • raul

    Ben on his 5’5 mayhem/KEAHANA

  • Steve

    Incredible! I hope it stays empty and perfect.

  • west indian

    you and me both steve….. you and me both….

  • lisa Fisher

    ahhh. so THIS is heaven. iv’e wondered what it looks like……

  • Jose Martin O’Farrell

    Puerto Rico or Barbados?

  • Jon

    puerto rico or barbados…… neither this time of year

  • Mike

    must be some Dutch island …

  • Roberto

    Reminds me of that beachie on that island off Oz that Kelly surfed with Derek Hynd, oh maybe ten years ago. Anyone know what i’m talking about?

  • ballssmells

    sorry guys ,you all wrong,i know well this place it’ closed to my island ,and i prefer to keep secret the area ,i think you agree …….take care friends..

  • croatan

    outer island Bahamas

  • i know

    its a sandbar in the bahamas. I’ve been here. the wind/swell combo is so rare it happens twice yearly at best

  • Camila

    Could you please stop selling this spot out every year for a few dollars.

  • Lefty

    Another article whoring this spot out.! Local Caribbean surfers have known about this spot for years and has been on the cover of two French surfing magazines way before Benny B. and his bands of bozos claim to have discovered this spot. Just because nobody is there when Benny is doesn’t mean sh*t. A French surf photog approached one of the American surf magazines years ago with pictures of this spot. Instead of buying them they went and raped the place themselves and took credit of the discovery of the “secret spot”. It looks like this session wasn’t much if you look at the actual size of the waves and the direction and way the pics were shot. More surfing hype! We had a sh*t year for waves in the Caribbean this year. This spot probably only broke a few times the entire winter.

  • Straley


    • Lefty

      Thanks! A-hole!

      • Stralely

        Were you born there? Do you contribute anything to the people there? By opening up about where it is the real “locals” can benefit financially from there resources. Going by your “name” you shouldn’t even like this wave anyway, it’s a right. I know of a couple of lefts for grumpy old “lefty” real close by if you would like me to name them also?

  • Richie

    Nobody should own the ocean and nothing in this world is secret. Share the stoke and get over yourself.

  • gromster

    i couldnt be more jealous..going to the west indies over break maybe i will be there pce outttttttt 😉 winky face juanita

  • Lefty

    It’s “bawn dare”. You are obviously not to pull that whimpy ass card. You are certainly not a soul surfer and probably an ex-pat bunny hopper at Half Moon or Galley. How are they contributing to the local community? By consuming a couple of cases of Wadadali and some chicken leg at Pat’s? They certainly aren’t staying at Coco or the Lighthouse. They probably are staying in one of the abandoned rooms at K Club or The Beach House. Real surfers don’t snitch bitch. You are the cheap whore giving BB and crew a 5 buck reach around. BB is “addicked” to the novelty spot because he is a poser. It’s an easy spot to shoot standing in waist high water or at the waterline….perfect for his prissy posing. A little more KY please.

  • Lefty

    the original surfers must have had a premonition when they named this spot: F*ckallya

  • Straley

    Come on Grumpy, I mean lefty, Economics 101, more people = more money. If you can surf well you will get plenty of waves. You shouldn’t throw stones at ex-pats from your glass house just a short hop from Florida anyway, It’s not like you’re at the end of the road, I mean one can almost see it from the Florida Keys. BB rushes, look up the footage of him at P-Pass. While you are complaining he is off somewhere else getting pitted. You are a simpleton with a foul mouth and I feel sorry for you. Life is too short, channel your rage to search out new experiences.

    • Dogtown

      Straley, I have to agree with Camila and Lefty (even though I found his comments comical they were over the top). I am getting sick of seeing this pristine spot ONCE AGAIN publicized. I live on a nearby island but even still logistically the island is very hard to get to. Lefty certainly knows the island well according to what he wrote. You are the punk who doesn’t have a clue. A stone’s throw from the Keys? Are you kidding me? Do you call 1,500 miles a stone’s throw? Do your homework idiot. Someone who couldn’t keep their big mouth shut told you and so forth and so on. It’s only a matter of time but good luck to the takers. No surfer lives on the island, hardly anyone does. Lefty was referring to FAKHOLYA in the French Surf Session magazine from the last time it appeared in 2009 . “Retour” means return. Here is the link and proof:

  • Straley

    I wasn’t speaking literally, my point was he’s not as off the map as he claims to be. The “original surfers” of the wave he spoke about are the ones who gave it up with their comments when Surfing Magazine ran a story last year, so I guess they’re to blame. They even put a picture with it’s name on Flicker to prove it, the ego is a funny thing. The wave is a hassle to get to for two days of surf and anyone willing to go for it I say good-on-em. The place has had 5 or 6 stories run in various mags and I’m sorry to say it’s no secret. Just Google your precious islands name and surfing magazine together. The place is never going to get overrun, not enough surf, a few visitors will trickle through here and there and you and grumpy can chose to have some fun sharing some waves or sit around and gripe about it. You don’t own it.

  • notbarbuda

    Doesn’t look like Barbuda, this break is a beach break very close to the beach. Barbuda is reef protected and it breaks out much farther. Next guess?

  • Lefty

    Who said anything about being of the map? As you sit in your bedroom at home at Mom & Dad’s house and stare at your surf posters of BB and Justin Beiber. Happy? Thanks again for being part of the problem. Better get to bed now little boy…you don’t want to be late for school.

  • Straley

    Oh lefty I have enjoyed our banter. I think its funny that you know who Justin Bieber is given that you are so far off the map. By the way you spelled his name incorrectly, it’s Bieber, and I won’t have you disrespecting him. To think, for so many years I had Bieber all to myself, now that you spilled the beans about how dreamy he is everyone is gonna want a piece of my Bieber.

  • Mark

    thats really wild how the waves break so close to the shore
    rare dream surf right there

  • NSB

    Straley, You are right, nobody owns it but don’t you think you guys (especially Ben!) are beating a dead horse with this spot!? Yes it’s a hassle to get to and it doesn’t break much but, when you keep putting it in the mags and in peoples minds, more and more will go. Don’t be surprised when you go back and the line up just happens to be crowded. Claim it and move on, you got your cover shot…give it a rest! Way to go Ben, hope you are proud…

  • Rick

    Don’t let the freakin’ cat out of the bag!

  • whatevs

    Straley whether you know what your talking about or not you’re a piece of dirt as is anyone who hands out names/info on spots, surf mags can find new or not new spots as much as they like, shoot them without naming names it gives all surfers that little hit of inspiration and a reminder there’s unknown waves out there, it’s douchebags like you that actually call spots out that are a waste of air, maybe heaps of people know about this spot already but thats no reason to be a petty girl and call it out because of your own resentment. You are a Kook.

  • ratherbesurfing

    Thats the exact reason we go surfing, safe to say were all looking for this type of perfection!

  • West Indian

    Homie says
    Getting a fix somewhere in the West Indies
    I am from St. Maarten, so that makes me a West Indian. I can assure you that it’s not the Bahamas. I know where it is and I this will spot will remain a secret.

    • Grunion


  • Grunion

    this looks like anagada