Celebrating the lineups of the United States

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| posted on July 03, 2012
  • bleaf

    That was some of the best/worst caption writing ever.

  • Tory

    Great photos in this feature but I’m fairly disappointed by the lack of variety. It seems like California lineups dominate this feature, what about other U.S. lineups? New Hampshire, Alaska, Michigan, Texas, Maine, and other coastal states… a proper title may have been “Semi-American.”

  • jimmy

    Is that Van Curaza?

  • Stucco

    Peter Mendia looks like Patrick Stewart in that pic.

  • Patski

    That is Van Curaza in photo 5.

  • gannysesh

    Love that picture of Jen Smith on the nose.

  • Jack

    Wow sandspit lookin pretty sweet. Keep it up!

  • Scot

    Unfortunately, as a ginger, Cheyne Magnusson does not have rights.

  • ratsass

    van curaza, not chad jackson

  • Center Line

    Nice pictures.
    1,2, or 3 waves of line up shots from each state with a coast line would be fantastic!
    Line ups never get old, but photos of airs do.