Adrift in New England

Warren Smith, Craig Anderson, Dion Agius, and Sterling Spencer lose themselves in Maine ramps

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| posted on April 04, 2013
  • Keoki Manners


  • john

    holy shit, who wrote these captions ???

  • Stevie

    Hey Levechia stop exploiting Maine.

  • http://N/A rich

    It must have been too cold for you guys to spend much time in the water: every shot I see of you guys you are well out of it. Is it warmer to be above the waves like that? Was there something spooky in the water? I have never seen surfers spend less time in the water, nor more time above it, Merry Christmas! Those are great moments frozen in time: no pun intended. I just like Firewalker with Chuck Norris and Luis Gosset Jr. ever seen it? Great flick. Especially around a franklin stove sippin cocoa. Lucky baystars!

  • Surfermandude

    Levechia is a supper kook, he cant surf waves like this so he invites pro surfers to come to Maine and do it. Nick, i dont like you. Lets just take pictures of all of my favorite waves and put them online so we can surf them with tons of people because I love it when there are 40 guys out surfing a wave that is normally empty. i dont like you nick. i dont understand how your head works, oh wait, yes i do… $$$$$$$$ Get a new life