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Jason Kenworthy's images from the inside

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| posted on February 28, 2011

    Hey Clark,

    Those are awesome shots. Thank you for sharing them! Don’t you have a gallery in Laguna and Haleiwa? I think I am going to go there tomorrow and buy one of your limited edition prints, Clark. So awesome!!!

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  • Johanna

    Well it´s the first time i visit this webpage; I´m from Argentina, and i was looking for pictures of waves and surfers´pictures and suddenly i got here! They are superb shots,i wish everybody could enjoy this!

  • Kevin Richardson

    I actually just got one of Clarks images, they are so sharp and clean, unlike these blurry digital images. Clark has a book called shooting the shorebreak, it talks about how to do it…

  • Kyle Berube



    Insane lameness…..Surfer Magazine used to employ real innovators of surf photography. Artists like Warren Bolster who was a relentless innovator and not a follower of other peoples work.

  • Hans

    Wow…yeah, exciting stuff here. Is SURFER magazine here to promote another photographer with limited abilities? Oh another Clark Little wannabe. I can’t even go for a bodysurf in the shorebreak here in Hawaii anymore without some bonehead in the water trying to be the next Clark Little and pointing his housing all over the place. AINOKEA has it right. SURFER used to use the best photographers like Bolster, Aichner, Servais, etc. But they toss them all out on the streets for the next shorebreak photographer. Glad I canceled my subscription to this magazine. Kenworthy, try something new! Everybody is shooting empty waves now!

  • Kevin Richardson

    Wow Wow Wow…

    let me figure this out straight. Is Kenworthy trying to transfer into his next career as an artist ? Or is he trying to make extra money on the side because Nike is finally figuring out they need something fresh and new ?

    Americans are such followers and consumers…

    Maybe learn day trading like Achnier and get a real job





    Settle down with the bodysurfing claims. Enough already.

  • Josh H

    I’m confused how he broke his back, the waves looked around 2 feet? especially at Aliso creek, its a really weak spot.

  • Terri P

    Jason these are fricken outstanding!!

  • Kevin Richardson

    there are some real water man who swim with a camera, Kenworthy is not.

  • Ben Chavez

    Hoven up and coming , watch out other competitors. Hovens like one of us,less corporate more home grown.