A Ladies Gallery

Outtakes from SURFER's new all-girls mag, SALTED, on newsstands now

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| posted on August 22, 2012
  • Scott ” Sugarbear” Pearson

    No ” Jamilah Starr ” in an issue of Surfer all about Women surfers!? And a Women who fights to improve womens exposure in surfing most everyday,maybe I expected more out of this particular issue .

  • mandy lancellas

    hey there
    how do we subscribe to the print version of SALTED please??
    cape town
    south africa

  • alan szymczak

    where can i buy salted magazine in north west in. chicago il. area?
    can’t find it. thanks,alan

  • Deb Mancino

    I cannot find this anywhere, it is very frustrating. Anyone know where you can locate an issue? I do not have an Ipad.

  • wyatt

    Way to say “sorry, we’re out of ideas” with your “token duckdive” caption. As if the public needs more ammo for it’s “surf journalism is stupid” argument.

  • Maddy

    Costco had Salted right now, I don’t know if that helps anybody.

  • rob connell

    Ladies playing sports and killing it. Love to see it. Rock on

  • SURFER Magazine

    We have a limited quantity of the magazine available online at the link below:

    Otherwise, look for it at your local newsstand, bookstore, or surf shop. First issue available in the U.S. only (sorry). Thanks for the support!

  • john berry

    Can I subbscribe to SALTED Magazine?

  • Heather

    Really want to subscribe to a hard copy of Salted. Wish it was readily available.

  • Amy

    Would love the mag in Aus…! will have a look at the link above.