A Hot 100 Excerpt

See who topped SURFER's annual ranking of the world's best young surfers

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| posted on April 29, 2014

For almost 25 years SURFER’s Hot 100 has ranked, and predicted the fortunes of surfing’s next generation. Many of the Hot 100 alumni have gone on to become freesurfing superstars, World Title contenders, World Champions, and multiple World Champions, and we predict this year’s class to be no different. Some of the predictions were easy, others required hours of debate and analysis, but make no mistake, all the surfers on this list (and some that aren’t) deserve to be there. But there can only be 100, and the stats below show, they come from all over the planet. Congratulations to the Hot 100 class of 2014. β€”Brendon Thomas

Breakdown of the Hot 100 class of 2014

Goofy Foot – 34%
Regular Foot – 66%

Australia – 18%
Brazil – 9%
Europe – 3%
Hawaii – 28%
Indonesia – 1%
Japan – 2%
Latin America – 4%
South Africa – 4%
USA – 31%

World Tour Surfers
Men – 3
Girls – 7

Average Age
Men – 18
Girls – 18
Groms – 13

Men – 9
Girls – 4
Groms – 4

For the full Hot 100 list, check out the May Issue.

  • mcat

    Does it not look odd to have “Girls” next to “Men”? “Women”, or “Ladies” if you’re so inclined would be at least accurate. Please….

    • Akhil

      shut up … go back to the kitchen

      • mcat


      • mcat

        Classy. Maybe they should have a classification for “Tools”, too.

  • Bernardo

    Filipe should come in second….considering his performance and results at such young age.

  • Guest

    Kolohe above Filipe? This list is super biased towards americans, Filipe did better last year than Kolohe will do in his whole career

  • Trogan Fan

    Haha, Kolohe love continues as long as Hurley is paying for ad space.

  • ozzy

    Your hot 100 is year after year biased towards Americans and you forget countries like Costa Rica with Carlos Munoz or New Zealand with a hotbed of talent. Surfermag step your game up and start giving credit to the guys that don’t get the exposure. I am sick of seeing Kolohe, kid rips but there are so many others just as good and more deserved of the coverage.

  • CMG

    Dear Editor, you can put Kolohe where you want as you rule Surfer Magazine. But you won’t make him advance heats what he really needs. At the end, he will run the Bud Tour like his father. My belly is hurting so much after laughing a lot when i saw your ranking. Do the same stats among WT hometown and compare to your to check how biased you are.

  • Ulf

    What a joke!