The 2013 Pipe Masters

Photos from the final day of the World Tour's perfect storm

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| posted on December 18, 2013
  • CV Hartline III

    Mick “Claimed” his way to the world title… Get it? The 9.7 score was given for his “claim!”

  • Borat Sagdiyev

    Richie Porta confesses Mick Fannings World Title was “a drunken accident”

    After days of guilt, Porta finally went on record to set the record straight regarding Fanning’s World Title. Porta described that it has been a long running inside joke between Aussie judges during competition to yell out scores to one another for female asses that obstruct a competitors ride.

    At the same time as Fannings 9.7, Alana Blanchard was jogging by the judges tower, at which time, all the drunken Aussie judges yelled 10! 10! 10!

    Due to their drunken stooper, some of these Aussie judges accidentally entered these 10’s into the computers as Fanning’s actual wave score. The 10’s were offset by the 7.5 and 8.0 of the sober U.S. and Brazilian judges to average to a 9.7. However, this mistake was noticed just seconds after Fanning’s score was declared over the loud speaker upon which chaos ensued on the beach and news spread across the internet that Fanning was World Champ. Fearing another “San Francisco” moment, the judges decided not fix this mistake and let things be, and thus Fanning was crowned King. Slater can thank Alana for losing him the number 12.

    • TK

      haha, the stupidity of this story just makes me laugh

    • MiggitymigittymigittyMacDaddy


  • Bruno

    Im I the only one to think Miguel Pupo’s wave was the most impressive of the whole contest? That was sick!!! Best stile ever!!! Reminds me Gerry Lopez at Pipe

  • Bruno

    Im missing Medina’s photos…He didn’t pass through John J. But it was amazing to watch him charging at Pipe. Unfortunatly he faced an finalist early in this contest, but I think hee was surfing to reach at least semi finals

  • orob

    Fanning might not have been the most magnificent surfer at Pipe that day, but his year speaks for itself to prove he was title worthy. That being said, I feel retarded even commenting on this because MF can surf circles around anyone up here. Drop down a 15-20ft wave with 2k people on the beach and then come back to comment…

    • Miggitymiggitymacdaddy

      Indeed but did Fanning win 3 sik events in insane waves along with a 2nd in Tahiti? No he won in junky junky surf in France.

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  • john

    Lol all of u are talking shit about mick, but i bet if we got u off the internet and into the same room with him ud shut the fuck up pretty quick 😛

  • Archie Willis

    if the man surfed is ass off he should win if not……..