10 Surfers Who Broke the Mold

According to Ozzie Wright

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| posted on June 12, 2011
  • Jeff Knox

    Interesting. Except for Greenough, no real innovators are mentioned, just modern-day media heros. Without Tom Blake, Bob Simmons, RB and other surfer-shapers “who (REALLY) broke the mold” none of these, admittedly great surfers would be on this list.

  • stu

    Knost but no Dora?

    • Surf Nazi

      seriously! How is Dora not on this list??

  • WS

    Wright is quite the individual. I met him down in Costa Rica one year….he was wearing socks on his arms. Strange dude.

  • Joe

    What about all the old Hawaiin boys that broke out of the whole seen over on the Islands (ie Larry, Buttons, Michael and don’t forget Johny Boy Gomes).
    It is harder than you think to come up.

  • Scott Hartman

    Good to see George there . . . used to live nearby to his parents house in Montecito . . . would see him scanning the horizon with binoculars in the early morning on my way to school . . . then driving home in one of his “classic” cars after his sess . . . Wayne Lynch deserves a place on this list too . . . in my mind, the Adam of all soul-surfers to follow

  • Bongo

    well 6 out of 10’s semi ok!!perhaps im just old and have personally seen too much!
    does Rabbit still that tennis racket from the Kuilima??

  • Ana

    He forgot Craig Ando!
    without doubt the best and raddest style right now!

  • Pete Hodgson

    Hard to leave Wardo off this list too. He made a HUGE change in the sport by influencing what everyone is trying to surf like in competition now. Add Dora and make it the 12 surfers who broke the mold! Great idea, hard call to make, I’m sure everyone has their own list!

  • George Ko

    I agree with all of the contenders, but maybe add rob machado and taj burrow. these guys both add a certain flair and style to surfing, not to mention we should get a goofy footer up there

  • Ken Randall

    What about the real moldy oldies, Nat Young, Jocko Sutherland, and Michel Ho? Not to mention perhaps the greatest tube rider on earth Mr. Lopez………

  • Jim Fee

    What no Laird?

  • mike downey

    Peanuts Larson from Laguna Beach showed all how 2 enjoy the Oceans many resources….A Myth in Genesis. Shaped trees into his prefered surfcraft.Lived off the Earth…land and water..he is Californias DUKE as Hero,Celebrity and archtypal Legend…comparable 2 Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone…Peanut Larson..who was wherever he wanted 2 be,whenever he wanted 2 be there,doing whatever he wantyed 2 do…….!!!!!

  • http://na D Collins

    No Sean Thompson. He was the definition of cool in his day. The looks, the women and he could back it up in the water. Never saw a guy make J-Bay look so easy and effortless. That goes for MR, TC, Wes Laine, and a young grom named Occy. Talk about breaking the mold, what about Simon Andersons invention of a little thing called a thruster.

  • mark white

    What no Dora and larry from Hawaii
    Who really made this list? they surf?

  • connor

    i figured laird hamilton would have been a is he NOT in this list

  • dan jeffery

    dane reynolds, kelly slater, rob machado, mat wilko, rasta, donavon frankenreiter, ozzie wright, taylor knox, clay marzo, laird hableton, jeff clark might have missed out a few

  • mike

    And you you forgot kevin reed -huge air’s .I have seen kevin reed do huge air flying clear over the top of other surfers. And that was back late 1970″s early 1980’s you missed allot of other surfers . next time do more research .

  • Che Tayborn

    How can everyone forget… The Duke?Poor form.Lol.Ok here ismy top ten broke the mold:Duke Kahanamoku, Mickey “Da Cat” Dora, , Rabbitt, Butts And Bertelmann, (count as one for the dope afros and the hawaiian, Curren/Occy, Kelly/Andy(As one, next step in evolution of the sport) Panch for the power, Kelly again cause 11? Cmon he’s a freak And I have sorta lost touch, but bringin in the new school, JonJon,JOB.?Thats more than ten, but, something like that maybe?

  • Joe

    This is supposed to be people who broke the mold. To me, this should be people who had a huge impact on the sport… Nat Young, for sure, should definitely be on the list.

  • MIk

    Sick list, because it is really all about the guys that make Ozzie who Ozzie is. And Ozzie is one cool dude. Favorite Ozzie section is him skating and surfing in Sipping Jetstreams. I think it’s Cuba. I loaned the vid to a girlfriend, and now have neither. Surfing rule #xxx……..? Anyway I’m glad Ozzie doesnt reach back to bygone eras to make his point. Besides, all of the guys on his list are legends. And Knost is better than Dora.

  • Jimbo

    Its Owens list so who’s care should have been on the list!

  • JK

    Pfftt! What about me? I surfed 3 foot Bolsa Chica last summer on a soft top. I fell like three times and then I got board rash on my thighs cause my jean shorts were too short. I call that commitment gentlemen.

  • LairdSuckedME

    He’s a biter!!!

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    This list sounds more like an advertisment for selling clothes than anything else. Seriously what JOKE.

    The only ones whom deserve to be on this list are Kelly and Curren. No one else on this list broke any molds. They just fell in line with whats already been done and since they get paid alot more with their big media hype they can practice all day and push it just a little bit further. But BREAKING THE MOLD. Give em a f’n break. By the way where Is?


    Next time we talk about breaking a mold lets really focus on who really stepped it up. This list sounds like a fanboys club. Are we talking about the over hyped, fashion fag , sellout “MOLD”.. I’m confused.


    Oh and Christian deserves to be on the correct list. Missed that one.