September 2012

Sneak Peek: In This Issue

  • Scaring Bruce

    The seven scariest moments of Bruce Irons’ Life.

  • Your Brain on Fear

    How surfing Mavericks is a triumph of the modern brain.

  • The Surfer Interview

    Mark Mathews on the things that scare him more than heaving barrels ever could.

  • Epoch

    Notes from an era-defining day at Cloudbreak.

  • Intermission

    With their Pro Junior careers behind them and uncertainty ahead, four young surfers retreat to Costa Rica.

  • On Falling

    How wipeouts have helped shape the evolution of surfing.

  • The Gaza Surf Club

    The troubled times of an unlikely surf community.

  • Make Something

    Ryan Burch on how the best board you’ve ever ridden might come from your own two hands.

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