October 2012

Sneak Peek: In This Issue

  • The Eightfold Path to a Simpler Surf Life:
  • I. Identifty

    Lewis Samuels explains the modern dilemma.

  • II. Accept

    Brad Melekian on the fallacy of “simplicity.”

  • III. Inspire

    Four surfers who prove that surfing can be at the center of your life, regardless of circumstance.

  • IV. Remember

    Do you fantasize about a simpler time in surfing? Take off the rose-colored glasses. The “Golden Era” never ended.

  • V. Appreciate

    We obsess over perfect waves in distant lands, but it’s our home breaks that made us the surfers we are.

  • VI. Understand

    Simple explanations for insanely difficult maneuvers.

  • VII. Overcome

    Confronting the Tahitian rite of passage.

  • VIII. Relax

    Bliss is only a swell away.

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