October 2010

Sneak Peek: In This Issue

  • How To Do Everything:

    A century of valuable surf tips, how-tos, and secrets distilled into 16 info-packed pages

  • Profile: Bede Durbidge

    Bede Durbidge has been a world-title threat since 2007, yet he’s remained the least –known member of surfing’s elite. Writer Sean Doherty makes sense of the Tour’s most underappreciated son.

  • Crisis In The Gulf:

    We sent SURFER Senior Editor Kimball Taylor to the Gulf Coast to document the havoc the Deep Horizon spill reeked on surfing’s most fragile ecosystem.

  • SURFER’s Guide To The Best Surf Colleges:

    After pouring over university pamphlets, surf reports, and statistics, while considering surf proximity and quality, academics, cost, and lifestyle—SURFER came up with America’s most surf-friendly four-year schools.

  • Tudor & Knost In Noosa:

    SURFER Staff Photographer Todd Glaser traveled to Tropical Queensland with Joel Tudor and Alex Knost to spend a week at longboarding’s premiere event, The Noosa Festival.

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