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Sneak Peek: In This Issue

  • The Wind Made Them Do It

    A profile on Albee Layer and Matt Meola, who are relentlessly pushing the boundaries of both big-wave and aerial surfing.

  • Dry Reef and Snake Wine

    Chasing a typhoon to Okinawa’s most dangerous break.

  • The Now

    SURFER’s occasional investigation into the dubious claim that youth is wasted on the young.

  • Exposure: Shorebreak

    It can be beautiful, hideous, playful, terrifying, or some logic-defying combination of all the above. Either way, it makes for an epic photo.

  • The Culture

    It’s never too late (too be called a kook).

  • The Surfboard Buyer’s Guide

    The comprehensive guide to your next surfboard.

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