June 2012

Sneak Peek: In This Issue

  • The Perfect Day

    Taj Burrow’s fleeting encounter with Australia’s rarest right.

  • Forgotten Isles

    Kelly Slater and friends escape to a fickle South Pacific atoll.

  • Of Movies and Mavericks

    The world’s best big-wave surfers are convinced that the latest Hollywood surf flick will be the first authentic depiction of surfing on the big screen. Maybe it’s because they’re all on the payroll.

  • Kolohe’s Trinity

    With the help of his father and his coach, Kolohe Andino plans to win his first world title before he turns 20.

  • Back from the Brink

    Buttons Kaluhiokalani revolutionized surfing, but when the establishment couldn’t accept his free-wheeling approach it nearly killed him.

  • Eye of the Storm

    Escaping a weather-ravaged Kuta to find perfection on Bali’s southern coast.

  • The 2012 Surfboard Buyer’s guide

    Everything you need to know about your next surfboard.

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