January 2012

Sneak Peek: In This Issue

  • Across the Pacific

    Craig Anderson, Dave Rastovich, Taylor Steele, Todd Glaser, and friends chase the swell of the year 18,000 miles from Tahiti to Mexico to California to Alaska.

  • The SURFER Profile

    In the water, Jeremy Flores can do anything he wants. It’s on land that things get out of control.

  • The Boys of La Barra

    The Peculiar Story of Mundaka’s Locals.

  • Borrowed Boards: Episode Ten

    Lewis Samuels reflects on all that he has learned (and unlearned) from surfing around the world on borrowed equipment.

  • Alternate Itinerary

    The Across the Pacific crew skipped Hawaii. But with flawless waves gracing the South Shore of Oahu, maybe they shouldn’t have.

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