Yeah, Mate

| posted on March 04, 2010
An enlightened man. Photo: Ellis

An enlightened man. Photo: Ellis

  • Jahson

    To worship surfing is to worship a false idol. Only God should be worshipped and praised. Surfing and the Ocean, though both beautifully and divinely created, are merely creations of God. God created both and has given both as gifts to us but to Him and to Him alone should go all praises.

  • Bob

    Christianity or some form of religion you have is your RELIGION not your GOD, who’s to say his RELIGION is surfing instead of some highly organized crap that puts other people down but his GOD is still your God?

  • Brian

    It’s just a t-shirt…………who says “God” doesn’t surf?

  • dude

    Bad Religion

  • Gavin Vanstone

    sick shirt i want one
    definition of religion: A personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship. surfing falls under that category no doubt

  • Sand Sock Girl

    You just love surfing so much, don’t you? But anyways, I just hope it’s just a matter of expression – just a shirt. nothing but a shirt. Above all, God’s still the creator of all. He’s the one and the only.

  • I_am_Spud

    really, Jahson? a frig’n t-shirt, and you cry ‘false idols’…dont be a donkey, brah. petty, petty petty! i hate to ask, but are you so insecure in your Christianity that you actually think that a simple t-shirt challenges one’s walk with Christ? c’mon donkey…having accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, i am sure that my salvation is not critiqued or determined by some petty quote on a radical 80’s t-shirt. besides, have you ever seen a hurse towing a uhaul trailer? i didn’t think so…material things matter not to God, it is the life lead by the one wearing them. Get over it, Jahson…instead of pointing the finger at your own insecurities, try praying. y’know, a camel has to fall to its knees before going to sleep and before standing up in the morning the camel has to start out on it’s knees…the point is, try getting on your knees and giving thanks before you sleep and before you start your day…keep the judging to God. Hebrews 13:2 & 8