World Tour Tweeters

Follow your favorite male and female World Tour surfers

| posted on March 04, 2013

Eleven world titles and mainstream media coverage makes Kelly Slater the most followed surfer in the world. Photo: Glaser

You can follow this list on Twitter by clicking here, and follow @SURFER_Magazine and @FantasySurfer for live Tweeting during events. Note: The list is in order of World Tour ranking.

The Women’s World Tour

  • G

    And we’re supposed to believe it’s actually the “pro surfer” tweeting. That’s about as gullible as believing Apple makes the best products. When did so many people decide that being a follower is a good thing?

  • Sew Chef

    I wonder what Alana has to say ? Hey look at me and my friends and me we have saggy butts and cheeks.