Week in Review

Random Happenings in surf for the Week of February 13

| posted on February 17, 2012

Funny things, and such.

This Is Not a Joke
Great message, but really Kyle? A springsuit?

So Hot Right Now
In early February, “Sh*t ____ Says” was the flavor of the week. Hundreds of them were produced. This week, it’s these memes. Oh, lemmings.

Man Attacks SUPer with a Machete
And this website is being greedy and are not making it embeddable, so you have to click here to watch.

Crazy Kids
While compiling this year’s Hot 100, we came upon a collection of blogs that are somewhat unsettling. The first, entitled F*ckYeah Surfer Boys, is self-described as “The first blog completely dedicated to collecting and sharing photos of the hottest surfers all on one blog.” It also advises us to “Expect photos of surfers such as Evan Geiselman, Luke Davis, Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson and moreee.” This blog inspired spinoffs such as F*ckYeah Evan Geiselman.

This week, along with the release of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue came the release of these surfboards. Gilt, a website offering discount luxury items, has these Quiksilver/SI surfboards listed at $2,500 a piece. Two have already been sold.

Photo: Quiksilver/SI surfboards made with HG Photocloth by Headline Graphics

Lisa’s Back
It was announced this week that Lisa Anderson will be surfing in the Trials for a spot in the Roxy Pro Gold Coast. She last competed in 2004 as a wildcard for this event following her retirement in 2003. Here’s a video from a few years back of Lisa talking about the Tour then and now, among other things.

Shakira Attacked by Sea Lion, Lives to Tell the Tale
The below photo was released as proof of her attack.

This is Awesome
Hilarious outtakes from Fair Bits.

Mammals Who Surf
National Geographic re-posted this photo of a hippo in the surf. Meanwhile, Africa Geographic posted a photo of a elephant in the surf. In other news, this is awesome.

Photo: National Geographic/Michael K. Nichols

We like when people who do not generally “shaka” throw a shaka, as evidenced by the widespread sharing of this photo. So here’s another mainstream shaka for you. You’re welcome.

Instagram Photo of the Week
Aussie lifeguards do their best Alana impersonation.

Photo: @alanarblanchard

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  • mememe

    another surfer meme here 🙂

  • mike

    so…umm kyle…….whyis it necessary to wear a springsuit, no shirt and carry a surfboard to present this message. Perhaps it is a good message, but a terrible delivery. You appear pretty self righteous in this video considering your attitude around town. Maybe you should call Oprah or Ellen and see if you can go on those tv shows dressed like that, i am sure all the housewives would love it. Despite a goo message, only a KOOK goes on stage dressed in a springsuit pulled down and surfboard in an auditorium, better talk to your pr guy or get a new publicist That is laughable.

  • andy

    god almighty. I would terrible, disgusting things to alana haha. she is so damn hot

  • Whamo

    Open an account at your local bank and save the world? LOL.

  • Fred

    NOT AN ELEPHANT. this is a hippo. And that picture is at least 10 years old.

  • SuckOneKT

    Hey Thiermann,
    What did you think banks did with money, just keep it safe for you out of the goodness of their hearts? Yeah right dude. You are grossly misinformed and I agree with mike you’re incredibly arrogant for being so uneducated. Don’t keep it up you’re making yourself look stupid!

  • shiz

    If you listened, he said he learned that about the banks when he was a kid, probably the same time that you did…

    Also, the message is that you can make change at a local level if everybody works together, AN EXAMPLE being that if you put your money in local banks instead of national ones then it will fund local businesses, instead of national ones which could potentially be harmful to the environment

    as for the suit, hes talking to regular people (non surfers) so im guessing he wanted to get the point across…….i have no idea