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| posted on April 04, 2014

Oz’s Soli Bailey wasn’t the only one out at P-Pass this day, but he did get this clip all to himself. Solid performance at an absolute beast of a wave.

A little window into a day in the life of the Jaws scene. The paddle out looks…intimidating.

Into de Jungle
Black Sabbath. More of this in webclips please. This one’s featuring the UK’s Seb Smart, a stylish goofyfoot stylishly tearing up some of Sumatra’s finest.

Just Slater at Rincon on some perfect afternoon. It’s nuking onshore and unridable where I live, but I’m paddling out now anyway after watching this.

It’s Tropical Too
Some Puerto Rican goodness starring Cody Thompson and some of the funnest looking waves ever.

  • Jimbo

    Good to see Slater isn’t above snaking some regular Joe’s wave.

  • Phillip

    surprised this didn’t make your list, 12 years old and a highlight reel of an ASP champion….

  • Rich Hudson

    Love Mother Nature.