Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of January 28

| posted on February 01, 2013

Sweet baby Jesus. There was more hype around surfing this week than we’ve seen in years. A One Hundred-Foot Wave? Which beats his previous record of 77.7559 feet (yes, calculated to the fourth decimal place)?! Let’s all argue about it! So fun! Then let’s look at this other angle and argue some more!

Andersen Cooper Interviews Garrett McNamara
Warning: This may make you highly uncomfortable.

A Surfing Beauty Pageant
JK. Just the opening ceremony of the ISA China Cup, hosted by these guys. Hope you got to see it. It was wild.

Welcome, surfing! Love, China.

Picto-Blogging Champs
Two surfers made Sports Illustrated’s list of The 60 Best Athletes to Follow on Instagram. Congrats guys. Such an honor.

Bravo, Fisher
Let’s just say no other interviewer would get these guys to answer these questions.

Marketing Party Favors
In this month’s print issue of Brazil’s Hardcore Magazine, readers recieved a free condom (right) courtesy of Rip Curl. Apparently, it is “like wearing nothing.”

A Shark-Proof Wetsuit?
Inventor John Sundnes believes he’s done it. (Note the dubious scene at 3:50.)

This Is For Real
No really, it is.

Holy Fish
Photos of this marlin taking down a fishing boat appeared online this week. This has nothing to do with surfing.

One strong fish. Photos: Marlin Magazine

Dylan Graves Hates Stuff
But only when he’s hungover.

Coco And Quincy Fan-Lovin’
A pop-infused homage to your favs, created by an adoring fan.

Best AP Photo to Come From the Mavs Contest

She shredded all day, witnesses said. Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Photo

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  • Jimmy The Dong

    Ah, Jenna Irons, the irony of you being critical of, and laughing at, people discussing the merits of claiming a ‘100 foot’ wave when you produce such weekly pieces as the above…just a stab in the dark here, but my guess is that people discussing the big wave spent more time thinking about their reply than you did as a ‘journalist’ posting links to surfing beauty pagents?

  • Jobseeker

    Jimmy – that is actually ironic (not a lot that is called that word since jagged little pill actually is…)
    Not sure about that shark suit, but in fairness, good on him for tackling a serious issue. If this did work, then maybe there would be less of a need to remove sharks, like in WA (justifable IMO). I was waiting for Rip Curl of O’Neill to come up with some high tech Kevlar suit, but this solution seems low tech, simple, and maybe, just maybe, he is on to something…
    That Paul Fisher reminds me of a guy I know, he is the best craic in the pub, I’d say Paul Fisher would be great craic too, only problem – Nobody in the northern hemisphere would want him to buy his round! Who would want a round of skanky aussie beer, We’ll buy our own, thanks anyways!

  • SS

    Hate to be a stickler for detail but I think it’s Janna, without an e (and I would hate to raise any ironies relating to any misspelling in such critiques) but all the feature-length articles published (on the genetic make-up of surfers etc) have been very well-written and researched interesting pieces, backed up by a lot of proven facts.. Glad that guy is looking into shark-proof suits too.. and Mister Fisher interviewing the girls about the boys would be pretty funny.. Would definitely tune in for that one..