Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of January 14

| posted on January 18, 2013

It’s Friday afternoon before a three-day weekend. You’ve probably lost your focus at work anyway. So go ahead and fill the time with this collection of items.

“Famous Butt” Makes TMZ Homepage
A photo of Anastasia Ashley appeared in TMZ’s top slot this week. The site also notes that, “Ashley is super hot and her ass was featured in Playboy.”

An 11-Year-Old Who Tells It Like It Is

Kolohe’s Undergarments
Kolohe Andino and Stab co-founder Sam McIntosh co-founded an underwear brand. How fun!

Good times courtesy Tweeds lookbook.

Unnecessary Beat-down
South African surfer Warwick Wright let retired South African rugby union footballer AJ Venter tackle him. If you were one of those who spewed criticism when Wok released his “I hate hipsters/hippies” video, you might enjoy watching his pain.

Twas a Week of Surf/Mainstream Collabs…
This short was created by Thomas Campbell for the high-end fashion brand Tory Burch.

This one was created for Levi’s. And it has astronauts in it. Which is neat.

And this one is by Green Day, a most relevant band.

Who Wore it Best?

Instagram Sunglasses of the Week: Mick Fanning Photo: @dragonalliance and Dane & Courtney's dogs. Photo: @napkinapocalypse

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  • Jimmy the Saint

    I had an ok surf today in my 6mm, with sleet falling around, and snow on the hills – what I wouldn’t give to have a summer session like in this Thomas Campbell film, role on the summer…

  • Wazza
  • larry stanley

    I was totally mellowed by the ,, Campbell short. Going into it, i thought it would probably be lame- the guy would likely surf well; the girl not. What a surprise- they both can surf, and the Endless Summerish music set a nice tone. Probably helped that i was halfway through a Jack/rocks double…

  • clive

    I think Warwick Wright is a bit of a big girl´s blouse, That was not a proper tackle, more like a running cuddle, Shame on Venter for not trying harder.

  • Ben

    That Pat Pat kid is pretty funny. I like his Mick montage.

  • Stewart Smith

    She is hot and that is a HUGE wave. I have surfed up to 12ft, but that wave is over 20′ and you don’t want to fall on a wave that big. She probably has an emergency balloon attached to her bc if you go under, you can’t see which was is up. You deploy the balloon and it takes you quickly back up to the surface. She is HOT and has ovaries of steel to surf a wave THAT big!!

  • Cate

    Wok shoud watch the Abberations of Summer for some hipster education…I betcha after their surf they all went back to their mid-century flat, put some vinyl on the record player, kicked back in their Danish modern furniture and felt so fuckin’ cool.