Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of December 10

| posted on December 14, 2012

The World Title Showdown! Pipe! SURFER Poll! Kelly! Parko! Seabass! Triple Crown! Other stuff! Ah! Here’s some unrelated items that occurred inside the computer:

Some Alternative Hawaii “Coverage”
Boys not of Hawaii, in Hawaii, talking about girls of Hawaii and not of Hawaii. A video by Jay “Bottle” Thompson.

Horrible Friends
A small boat, a large shark, and some cackling foreign folks.

A press release this week announced “technological breakthroughs” for American Wave Machines’ wavepool, which is currently in production Sochi, Russia, the site of the 2014 Olympics. Dun, dun, dun…

More Innovation!
This week Patagonia announced that after months of R&D, their new Big-Wave Inflation Vest is finally on the market. Unfortunately, that market only includes about 40 passionate hellmen.

Killin’ Strippers and Killin’ It
Derek Dunfee and co. made this dark little short.

Santas, Surfing, and Ham
An obvious union.

More Surfing Santa
A most ridiculous music video. This is not a joke.

This Is Also Not a Joke
Another press release announced the introduction of Brotein Enterprises, which is protein bars for bros.

A Red-Haired Person
Apparently Shaun White, the “Surfing Tomato,” bought a $3.8 million house in Encinitas, where he filmed a new surf GoPro video. This unrelated video is ridiculous:

A White-Haired Person
Someone Tweeted this. (She’s not bored to sleep, that’s the face of sheer joy.)

Photo: @JoshuaLevittND

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  • Rich

    Poor taste with this ‘week in review’ especially considering what happened in Connecticut today the 14th of December. I look up to what Derek Dunfee, for all of the waves has conquered and all he has accomplished in our sport; however this is some pretty poor timing on the surfer staff. It should be acknowledged what did happen. Whether it has to do with surfing or not there is no excuse.

  • Lyle

    yeah rick, lets get some photos of dead kids and the parents they left behind. that would really fit into the ‘week in review’ format, its exactly what they put in these things. thats why there are always links to car bombings in the middle east, where children die every week. no, youre stupid.

    if this thing took into account all of the sad sh t in the world nobody would read it. we need these things to brighten our day after we hear news like that. let it be about surfing and not child murder.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    I am pretty sure this was posted before that tragic story broke. Lyle is right thought, this site is about surfing, and if its not surfing related then why would Surfer run a story on it

  • Ian

    Week in Surf has nothing to do with mass shootings of kids and I like it that way get off your fucking high horse and get wet.

  • VintageCoreFromTheJerseyShore

    Rich, It is sad what happened in Conn. There is tragedy in our country and across the world everyday! This is where we come to let go, forget all the world and the problems, and focus on our sport and interest. I disagree with you Rich, it is not in poor taste to stick to the subject of Surfing and leave the news to the media. In a world where society loves to voyeur on other peoples tragedies, it is my opinion that it was good taste to keep this page cheery and surf focused.

    Maybe that is the problem in the world, maybe that is the entire reason why mankind is taking such a tragic turn and headed on a downward spiral. We are surrounding ourselves with the terrors of the world constantly, even in the places that are considered our outlets, there is no escape, we are reminded of the terrible things that happen in the world. There are people who are already unstable to begin with, yet society insists on constantly drilling us with bad news and doom. There is nothing happy in the world, unless you look for it… and that is why I personally come to this site….FOR THE GOOD NEWS.

    If we want to hear about the horrendous story of how 20+ innocent lives were cut short, we can simply turn on our TV’s to FOX news at any moment & tune into the repetitive reports of mass murders.

    It is not up to Surfermag to change the world. It is up to us, if you want to write something constructive in acknowledgement to these young lives lost, maybe you should focus your energy on better gun laws and regulations. The only poor taste I see on this page is your comment and the discussion that you started.

  • josh

    Rich, you just helped create an even bigger stage for that murdering F*** by bringing this up. tool…………………….

  • ben

    wave pools are the equivalent of sex dolls.