Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of November 26

| posted on November 30, 2012

The interweb is filled with nonsense. Here’s your weekly helping.

A Most Amazing Post-Win Photo
Seabass knows how to party.

The definition of raging. Seabass and crew, going hard. Photo:Mana Photography

Nike Pulls Out of Surfing, Internet Goes Nuts
Surfers Village chose this apt image to capture the emotion of the news.

More (Unrelated) Emotion
When responding to the comments of The Angry Internet People, most magazines choose diplomacy over condemnation. Carve Magazine is not most magazines.

Pretty Girls Dancing
You’re welcome.

A Documentary About a Woman Who Was a Man
The story of Aussie surf legend Peter Drouyn, who is now Westerly Windina. So bizarre, but you should probably fund this Kickstarter because that’s going to be one hell of a weird documentary.

Westerly and her former self.

An Ice “Wave”
Antarctica ice-shredding.

It's not really a wave frozen in time. But it's awesome. Photo: Tony Travouillon

Some Things Have No Place on the Internet, Exhibit A
An old, naked man. A wetsuit. Incongruous music. For NINE minutes. Why?!

Breaking News: The Sun Sets in #Hawaii
A few pro surfers’ Instagram photos from last week:

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  • Whamo

    If I remember correctly, Mr. Drouyn surfed Riviera Beach, San Clemente, once, back in the late 60’s. He did some unreal backside S-turns.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Guys could you give the whole Alana Blanchard thing a bit of a break for one week please. There are plenty of other pretty surfer girls you could post stuff on, and there are certainly better women surfers than Alana.

  • Airdrop76

    Forget Alana Blanchard – The other girl is criminally HOT!!!

  • pat

    That blanchard chick is such a slut

  • Kandace

    i dont know how that blanchard girl surfs with a wedgie up her ass, she must be willing to sacrafice surf enjoyment for male attention and thats fucking lame. i have layne beachly on my wall but blanchards photo would go in the trash.

  • ASP Fan

    Alana, if you grew up on Kauai you should have certainly learned how to dance hula, Leila obviously did. You are an embarrassment to us freakin haoles, no respect. I bet you claim to be Hawaiian when you travel….
    Leila is the hottest girl that ever walked this planet!! Will you marry me??!!!

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Hey pat, your comment is a disgrace!

  • Badinskas

    You guys forgot to mention that Carver Magazine already had previous history with the “angry internet person” they were insulting – Gary Young: He won a writing contest they held but the guy never got the prizes that were announced. Basically, they’re liars and their word is only good for basic insults!