Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of August 13

| posted on August 17, 2012

Enjoy these things. Laughing is good for you.

A Surf Show on Yahoo!
This week, host Sal Masekela interviewed Alex Smith. The comments under the video are just the type you’d expect from its audience: i.e. “I would have to say Dave Reynold’s clip was way more Rad than the clip of Alex Smith’s. ” and “He’s ripping the waves!!” and “Is that the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers?”


Peter King Is On TV Too
…Hosting a hunting/fishing show called Project Dominion.


Sterling’s Latest
This one will surely get the Internet people riled up.

Something You Couldn’t Care Any Less About
Apparently Lindsay Lohan spent $3,000 at Jack’s Surf Shop in Huntington. The only part of this “news” story that’s worth noting is the title (“LiLo And Baby Brah Drop $3K At Surf Shop, Brah!”) and the ridiculous photo they ran along with it:

What does that even mean? Photo:

“Surf Jimmy”
This is for real.

The Kind of Sh*t Internet People Love
Animals, feats of genius, a man with a camera.

The Coffin brothers interview photographer Tom Carey, a passionate man.

Face Swaps

Kelly+Knox, Kalani Miller+Kalani Robb, Kelly+Kalani Miller. Photos: @kellyslater

A Ridiculous Trailer for a Ridiculous iPad Game

Osiris Signed Jamie O’Brien…
And made this strangely majestic video.

Prudential Real Estate Made This
Not exactly sure why, presumably as a road map for visiting pro hos.

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  • paddle boarding huntington beach

    surf areas are prime no matter where! The beaches are always packed, so packed that sometimes it makes it hard to find space to even surf. Btw, nice videos!

  • mike

    Carey is classic…dig that…….no more pussy hipsters…pretty soon surfers will be wearing makeup…suf jimmy should hook up with that kook kyle thiermn from santa cruz…kyle can show up and demonstate how to put on a short jon at a lecture about B of a….and jimmy can show them how to put on a full suit…it will be so cute….is there where surfing has gone…Tom Carey…if you ever meet kyle thierman or surf jimmy…please…kick them ion the nuts…and amke those pussies listen to slayer

  • Chone

    Another great thing about the surf jimmy is that you can put your groceries in it, when you’re out of grocery bags.

  • http://none steve briggs

    Tom Carey rules. Love the call out to the Hipster, Instagram, film camera wankers always on their phones or ? Calling it how it really is. That was a clear shot across the nose of Kolohe and crew. They can surf but from there their culture is pathetic.
    Sal Masekela? How many more lame things like this will people have to see to prove that he is a HUGE sellout. The E news show? The token terminator in the webcast booth? He is a mouth piece with a voice and far better suited for AM Radio than the real surf world. Sad that someone as talented as Alex Smith has to go on such a pathetic show. Sal, can you sleep at night? And how many showers do you have to take after doing something soooooooooooo lame? Wanker!

  • Dang3rtown

    Yeah Steve, Sal is such a sell out right! Just because he grew up surfing and busted his ass working his way up from a lowly internship at transworld almost 30 years ago to become the most recognizable face in action sports he’s just a johnny come lately sell out right!
    Yeah, take it easy bud. Sal has earned everything he’s got and the guy stillsurfs better than you. Take your shit talking along with your wave storm out to Doheny and have blast.

  • B black

    Listen to Carey you smart phone addicted pussy gen y hipster poser gaylords.

  • http://none steve briggs

    Oh no it looks like Dang3-wanker has a huge man-crush on Sal. What part of what I wrote was not accurate? Did you try to watch the show Sal was pathetically tying to give life support? What does working at Transworld or how he surfs have to do with the senseless shows he is hosting? Where were you educated? Keep working on that High School diploma one day you’ll be cleaning my house.