Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of July 16

| posted on July 20, 2012

A week full of things that I stole off the Internet and/or were sent to me by other members of my web-dwelling brethren.

A Subtle Brazilian Slater Jab?
This is the homepage of UOL, the Latin American Internet provider, which serves as the biggest homepage portal in the Portuguese speaking world. Under the photo of Slater it reads, “Does baldness treatment medication cause erection disorder? Doctors answer.”

It seems someone at UOL simply Google image searched 'bald celebrities' in order to illustrate this story...? Screengrab courtesy Daniel Torres.

Yep, That Happened
Why? is the most important question.

SUP frontside boardslide. Well, not really at all. Photo: PrAna blog

And Once Again, Why?
“I love surfing so I figured the goats would like surfing,” said Goatee’s owner. Fantastic logic.

A Most Unique Business Card
Remember Dale Webster? The guy who surfed every single day for 28 years, the guy who was told he’d get on the cover of SURFER if he got the world record (the editors upheld that promise with the June 2004 cover)? He sent us an image of his business card (or maybe it’s a trading card?) this week. Note the things he endured: he has “gotten married, raised a now-grown daughter and overcome shark encounters, hurricane winds, and kidney stones.”

Marriage and kidney stones, same category.

Kook Paradise, NY
A Montauk short.

Controversial Butt-Shot of the Week
Alana posted this photo on Instragram and within 12 hours got over 8,500 likes and 500 comments, most of which turned into a strange argument between pre-teens about whether God would approve of her bathing suits. Luckily, @gian_lo injected some logic into the conversation: “DAMN GURL!!! LOOKING LIKE A HOT BABY SEAL!”

Photo: @alanarblanchard

News Headline of the Week

Quiver of the Week
“New quiver on #momentumreunion trip. The crew airbrushed em for me. Hoping…praying the penis one is the worst.” –Kelly Slater


Right Up There with the Thruster
The man behind the beer can surfboard re-writes history.

A tiny history lesson. Photo: Rich Morrison

Politically Incorrect Meme of the Week

Wise Words, 140 Characters at a Time
The gospel according to Jamie O’Brien.

July 9 \\June 25 \\June 4 \\May 21 \\<May 14 \\May 7 \\April 23 \\April 16 \\April 2 \\March 26 \\March 19 \\March 12 \\March 5 \\Feb 27 \\Feb 20 \\Feb 13 \\ Feb 6 \\ Jan 30 \\ Jan 23 \\ Jan 16 \\ Jan 9 \\ Jan 2 \\ Year In Review \\ Dec 19 \\ Dec 12 \\ Dec 5 \\ Nov 28 \\ Nov 21 \\ Oct 31 \\ Oct 24 \\ Oct 17 \\ Oct 10 \\ Oct 3 \\ Sept 26 \\ Sept 19 \\ Sept 12 \\ Sept 5 \\ Aug 29 \\ August 22 \\ Aug 15 \\ Aug 8 \\ Aug 1 \\ July 25 \\ July 18 \\ June 27 \\ June 20 \\ June 13 \\ June 6 \\ May 30 \\ May 16 \\ May 9 \\ May 2 \\ April 25 \\ April 18 \\ April 11 \\ April 4 \\ March 28 \\ March 21 \\ March 14 \\ March 7

  • Speedo Gonzales

    Not sure if God approves of Alana’s bathing suits, you’ll have to ask him. But one thing for sure – I definitely approve of them !!!! And her hot asssssSSS

  • ROb

    I wonder how much bullying Jamie O’ had suffered as a child

  • g-flat

    Jamie O is a fucking moron.

  • crazy canuck

    Alana unfortunately changed bathing suit in a bathroom in Todos where I just had the worst yalla yalla of my life. She ate my worst taco smell with her nose, true story. poor girl