Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of April 11

| posted on April 15, 2011

If you were to survey every bit of surf-related information available and you chose only to focus on the most arbitrary items, this is what you would have discovered this week …

Dancing with Occy
It was announced this week that Mark “Occy” Occhilupo will be one of the 2011 contestants on Dancing with the Stars in Australia. The photo alone is gold.

According to, “Appearing on the show is a shrewd business move as contestants are rumored to receive a minimum payment of about $50,000 and up to $200,000 for making it in to the finals.” Click the video below for a little dancing Occy sampler:

Surf Oklahoma? Surf Cheese?
Hurley announced in a press release this week their new Surfing America campaign, an ingenious line of T-shirts the mainstream will love. Shirts include “Surf Russia,” “Surf Bananas,” and “Surf This.” “Surfing doesn’t require a board, an ocean or even a wave,” the release says. Hmm…

The campaign includes 'limited edition 'Surf America' cotton tees in a variety of colors featuring users favorite surf cities or states' ...or countries or dairy products.

And in Other Surf-Consumer News…
Ed Hardy has attempted to piggyback on the recent hype of Soul Surfer with their new line of “Sole Surfer” sandals. Get it? Sole surfer?

You're rushing out to get your hands on a pair of those, right?

World-Class Athletes or Homeless People?
Perusing the Top 34 on, one comes upon these three top-notch athletes.

Kai Otton, Matt Wilkinson, Dane Reynolds. Photos: ASP

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  • Bolivia

    is there no black people in Australia to fill in as just a minority for this dance off? wow racism is alive and well down under.

  • Jeff

    Yep, no black people in Australia. It’s not that their racist, they just don’t have any.

  • mick

    you mean occy ain’t black?

  • joey

    Really hurley???? While you go to mainstream america you can count me out.

  • Mike Retro

    Will Occy do a roller disco debut in fuzzy angel wings and a solied brazzo mens speedo ?

  • Brad Western

    We didn’t need slaves Mr Glasshouse.