Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of July 9

| posted on July 13, 2012

Nudity AND sharks in one week?! Jackpot.

Maya Gabiera Got Nakey
Last year, Steph got naked for ESPN’s body issue. This year, Maya Gabiera took it up a notch and surfed naked for this year’s issue. Ouch? To watch the video, click here.

Maya Gabeira, free as a bird. Photo: Francesco Carrozzini/ESPN

Yes, This Exists
So the action-sports website has started the “Weekly Women’s Surfing Stock Exchange Report” which “reflects updates, changes and most importantly new photos and videos featuring the hottest women in professional surfing…It’s all about sexiness and keeping things fresh. Start wearing wetsuits and your stock goes down. Wear a thong bikini to a contest, and your stock skyrockets.” Wow, not even pretending not to be sexist, guys.

But, Girls Do It Too
Introducing “The Hottest Pro Surfers of 2012,” according to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Of all the attractive surfers in the world, Cosmo picked 10. Here are three of the 10 'hottest' men in surfing... Travis Logie, Jordy Smith, and Ollie Kurtz.

Oh the Drama!

Just Before Brunch
Between trips to McDonalds, Matt Wilkinson “surfs” the sidewalks and post things on, not to be confused with

According to MSNBC, a kayaker was trailed by a great white shark off the coast of Massachusetts over the weekend. Here’s the photographic evidence.

Knee-SUPing with friends.

Win a Hamper?
This was a banner on the Billabong Pro J-Bay contest site. Hmm..

Bearded Ladies
Nick Rosza is all for equality. Women deserve beards too. So he gave them some on his blog.

The beautiful bearded babes: Lyndall Jarvis, Anastasia Ashley, Alana Blanchard, and Sage Erickson.

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  • gtag

    um – there’s no voice over in that trailer…..

  • sara jay . Nashoba Regional High School

    · Nashoba Regional High School
    Jordy Smith- has a pig nose, and no upper body build and that ugly mustache.
    Josh Kerr- is a beach blonde bum (ew).
    Danny Fuller – has a pointy face like a female and reminds me a kid I went to high school with (same hair too…YUCK).
    Sam hammer- you can totally tell is short as fuck.
    Travis logie- you can tell is NOT in his 20’s and being 20, that is gross.
    Kelly Slater- looks like he is balding.
    Pat Gudauskas -…Just no.
    Bret simpson- is NOT attractive..his nose is big, and again..the face shape is so feminine looking.
    Mick Fanning – has the head and face shape of the troll in the first harry potter movie (ewwww).
    Eric Geiselman – I can’t quite tell if he’s ugly or not.
    Michel Bourez – Eh, he’s decent looking.
    Dusty Payne – Eh, he’s nothing special looking.
    Owen Wright – EWW omg, he’s so ugly. He has a huge nose and long hair. He looks like the lead singer of nickelback and EVERYONE hates that band. Yuck! He is UGLY!
    Julian Wilson – He’s under 18, if he’s not..he should stay at that age cuz he’s really young looking.
    Ollie Kurtz – Looks like 10 other guys on this list (snoreeeee).
    Dane Reynolds – He looks like he’s my dads age. Why would that ever be HOTT? Just no.
    Adrian Buchan – Oh he’s hott, NOT!
    Adriano de Souza – I don’t even like his name. NO!

    All in all…I wouldn’t even give the time of day to ANY of these guys. UGLY UGLY UGLY!

  • dane

    saige kinda looks like travis mellum with the beard

  • Lauren

    Hey Sara Jay. Eric Geiselman IS hot. true story. shirt on or off.. HOT.

  • B. Santos

    Sara why are you so angry? Even if they’re not your type that doesn’t make them ugly, and the fact that you express yourself that way is making you sound rude, mean, and shallow. If you’re the kind of person who would only be interested in someone because of they’re looks then I feel sorry for you, you’re going to be very miserable, you actually sound like you are. Those guys are super talented and driven: that’s hot.

  • dirt

    Sara we made love and i wasn’t even close to being as hot as ollie kurtz.

  • Dang3rtown

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! sara jay may have just posted the funniest thing I’ve ever read on this site. I want more sara jay critiques!