Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of May 21

| posted on May 25, 2012

Nudity! Capsized boats! Sharks! What a week.

Steph Gilmore is Big Time
The beautiful four-time World Champ, in the June issue of Vogue.

Steph Gilmore. Photo: George/Vogue

All the Trailers That Ever Lived
Some unfortunate intern was likely tasked with compiling “every surf film trailer ever made.” It exists on Pinterest, so it was probably a female.

An “Absolute Clown”
This video appeared in a news article titled “No life-jacket boatie an ‘absolute clown’.” Watch with the sound on.

Mark Healey Swims with Sharks Some More
With some dramatic, majestic music. The description explains the girl diving with him is a “wingsuit base jumper and Italian phenom.” Fun.

Oh the things that we find “newsworthy.” A top story on the Courier Mail, featured this woman who paddled out naked in Noosa, Australia. “I’ve been surfing for almost 50 years and I have never seen anything like it,” said an onlooker. “There must have been 100 guys out there and out she paddled bold as brass.”

Pic: Megan Slade Source: The Courier-Mail

In Other Naked News
Grant “Twiggy” Baker took his girlfriend (Playmate Kate Lovemore) surfing with mixed results. Her revealing ride is actually in the running for Zigzag’s ride of the month, and you can vote for her here.

Wok Takes a Stab at Hipsterdom

Context-Free ASP Image of the Week

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  • G

    Wow talk about projection. The guy supposedly interviewing the alleged hipster was really the tool. As an observer and defender (intellectually) of the meek and or underdog that it’s seemingly harmless; one would really like to see a gay black-belt show up on the scene. Heard someone recently state how some hetero sexual males will go to a bar and if they see someone that they perceive as gay they will want to kick their homo ass. They went on to say how this type of behavior is truly gay and insecure about one’s own sexuality/identity. Clearly if you are secure with your self you would want all the dudes to be homosexual and all the women heterosexual or bi. If you have to think about that for very long I am sure Darwin will come a knockin’ before too long.

  • G

    I just watched the hipster/hate thing again, I’m embarrassed to admit, and realized that this had to be a setup just to get fools like myself to respond. Nobody in 2012 is as ignorant as the guy in the baseball cap.

  • x

    why? is the caption of the naked photo. allow me to explain. surfing naked is the finest activity known to man or woman. it is cooler than jousting on wild cheetahs while wearing tie die headbands. it is more badass than choking vladmir putin with one hand and chugging an ice cold stubby with the other. it is more freeing than penetrating the ionosphere and bursting into outerspace. o, and nooser is the best. that is why.

  • Nick

    I want the go-pro footage from the twiggy shot…

  • Hanna

    I love how two of these articles feature New Zealanders. Both the articles with the stupidest people (the boatie and the naked surfer) are in, or feature, New Zealanders. Glad to see our country represented…