Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of March 19

| posted on March 23, 2012

Last week, you were the subject of a super scientific experiment. For the first time in weeks, the featured image for Week in Review on the homepage was NOT a girl in a bikini, and as a result, the post received HALF as many page views as previous weeks. You pervs.

Bethany Hamilton and the Biggest Losers
The overweight humans in aloha shirts are forced to surf with Bethany. Oh the drama.

Jordy’s Dad’s Factory Robbed
It was an inside job.

This week, a 20-year-old surfer was mauled by a shark on the Gold Coast, and another Aussie surfer shared the tale (and graphic photos!) of his attack in New South Wales. While it seems there have been a lot of shark attacks lately, according to the statistics below, you are 85 times more likely to be killed by lightning than a shark. Comforting.

Image: Yahoo News/AFP


By @lewissamuels

Dancing Pros
No, not really.

Girlfriend Not Included
After a great surf session, do you cry yourself to sleep wishing you had it caught on tape so you could share it with all your disinterested friends? Well, you’re in luck.

Do You Like Girls and Dub-Step? Then You’d Like This.
It seems someone edited together a collection of different girls surf videos into an extremely intense 4-and-a-half-minute dub-step session.


Usually the only people who send us physical mail are in jail or 100 years old. This week we got a postcard from Florida (“This girl photo is for you,” it said), before asking for stickers. We rewarded his effort. You should send us postcards too. Best one gets a sticker!

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  • crasst

    perv sounds about right!

  • William Da Costa Pinheiro Junior

    The shark statistics are fake.
    Here in Recife in brazil, surf is forbidden and the goverment, hide the shark attacks to prevent the tourism. Boa viagem beach the worlds most dangerous beach. varius attacks by bull sharks in the shore, with the water at hips.

  • My, Myself and I

    I dunno….
    To me, Recife cant be counted in… Human work on the seacoast destroyed the shark`s feeding and birthing place. They knew it when they done it and now are covering the stats…
    Until the sharks find and adopt a new place(and that can take centuries, if ever), Recife will have the worst shark attack stats in the world.

    You have to be really ballzy to be a surfer there. Mad respect.

  • whamo

    I’ve heard things in South Africa are really bad from relatives. You have to iron bars around your windows and doors with thick locks to keep out the thieves, murders, and such. Africa is being developed by hedge funds working with gangsters that will ultimately screw the people worse than the white farmers did. The blacks murdered lots of whites so they could steal the farms, and let the farms go to seed. My niece’s husband is trying to sell their real estate with no luck. I hope Jordy’s dad recovers from this betrayal from his worker(s) and prospers.

  • Buzz

    Whethere they destroy south Africa or not. It’s THEIR land. They don’t need the great white father to keep them in check any longer. As far as the farms go. They were stolen. People were killed. They were displaced and treated like garbage.
    Farm? He’s lucky to be leaving with his life. BIKO!!!!

  • Jake

    who is the girl longboarding in the dubstepper video?