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Random happenings in surf for the Week of January 30

| posted on February 03, 2012

Scouring the Internet for awesomeness so you don’t have to.

Stephanie, A North Shore Warrior
For the Pipeline Pro, Volcom put together a series of Warrior Stat videos on each of the competitors. Alex Gray’s blog,, then featured this gem of a Warrior Stat video featuring North Shore transplant “Stephanie,” who is an expert on shredding and such.

“Modern Atlas 2”
Meola Layer Productions produced this musical masterpiece this week.

TMZ, Obviously Hurting for Content
First, they proclaimed in a story on Monday that Garrett McNamara has “Superhuman Underwater Survival Abilities,” then this:

Betet Merta, the Luckiest Man Alive?
If I were a betting man, I’d say yes.

Skin Dog Snaps On NOAA Officials
NOAA Officials attempt to “educate” big wave surfers on the ban against the life saving vehicles that assist the surfers. Ken “Skindog” Collins does not approve. Click here to see the video.

Skindog, telling them how it is. Photo:

A Trailer for Twitter
This week, Nike made a video trailer to excite us about things that will be hashtagged in the future.

Flo-Rida, SUP-Riding
A most ridiculous music video. And at 1:07, you will receive confirmation that the SUP fad has officially reached mainstream.

Bethany and Nick Go Surfing
Pretty amazing. Nick can also play ball.

Nick Vujicic and Bethany Hamilton, tandem at Waikiki. Photo: Noah Hamilton

A New Wave Pool in Dubai
All the surfers in Al Ain rejoice.

A Mini Surf Sub-Culture
Last weekend, San Clemente played host to a Remote Control Surfing “Bro-Down” at 204s. Apparently, there are people all over who are building these things, having surf-offs, and making websites about it. Check out these photos. And these videos.

Pipeline Insta.Injury
Clockwise from top left: Stephen Koehne, Alex Gray, Tanner Gudauskas, and John John Florence.

Photos: @john_john_florence, @tannergud, @a_gray

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  • a nonny mouse

    I can’t believe you guys put that pic of that vagina in with those injuries…oh wait…*vomits*

  • dgbjpn

    Regardless of the validity of the ban, Skindog a rude wanker who has, more than likely, guaranteed the authorities will now actively enforce the ban.

  • Kristjan

    Mini surfer is funny!!

  • Bolt

    Dosen’t Skin Dog understand that the progressive democrats are trying to help him by telling him what he can or can’t do? They want to protect sea otters (or whatever their cause is this week) with this ban and not humans.

  • Jimmy Joe

    Love the picture of Beth & Nick. Two very inspiring people in my life.

  • Bolt

    Way to censor people Surfer! Go Sea Otters!

  • Pat

    Ken Collins is not a smart person. He grew up on the Westside of Santa Cruz and he never left. It doesn’t take intelligence to surf the biggest waves in the world. It does, however, take intelligence to properly communicate with authorities about the issues surrounding Mavericks. I’m with dgbjpn on the fact that he is doing more harm than good by publicizing this video. I suspect that someone will wise up an remove it. Also, I am fairly certain that he repeatedly butchers the last name of the kook who nearly drowned out there last year. I am not certain though.

    Haha, the first time I ever surfed four mile about 8 years ago, “skindog” ripped the fins out of a kids surfboard and threw them into the bay. A loser, just like the rest of the westsiders.

  • Dewey

    Pat, Ken may not be the smartest person, but he is right on this issue. The NOAA regulations as inconsistent and have no bearing on fact. The fishing, and pleasure boats that leave the harbor create more pollution and cause more harm to marine life then any jet ski. The regulations need to be revised, and NOAA knows it, that is why they send fellows like are seen in the video.

  • randall

    Skindog…more like douchebag.

    Dude is typical california douche. Glad I got out of there when I did. I know there’s douche everywhere, but california seems to have more than its fair share.

  • adolescents at mavericks

    Not surprising …. a 40 year old man … who calls himself SKIN DOG….

    ….. spends his life riding foam in the ocean….. was last seen in a classroom in high school ….. and this ocean hobby is all that he has known….

    it all adds up … he’s 40 going on 17.

  • randall

    Ha! Good point. He sounds more like a four year old. “Stop talking to me…Stop talking to me…Stop talking to me, I’m going to go surf…stop talking to me, I’m taking my jet-ski and going home.”

    Pro surfers are so lame.

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