Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of January 23

| posted on January 27, 2012

This week was rather light on randomness. But its quality makes up for its lack of quantity.

Drugs and Surfing
It was reported this week that three Italian men were arrested in Chile for attempting to smuggle over 100 pounds of cocaine, hidden in nine surfboards, into the Basque country. What a waste of boards.


SUP Heels
This week we received this email and photo: “Hi my name is Marcela Jung, I have been practice Stand up and surfing for about 10 years, Another day of surfing I tried to surf on high heels and got some waves …… I never see somebody surfing with high heels…” Well Marcela, there’s a reason for that.

Camping on the North Shore
No massive, multi-million-dollar beachfront houses for these guys.

Great Choices
This week we received a press release announcing the Matt Wilkinson has joined the Etnies team. This is the photo and quote provided.

Singer Colbie Caillat Goes to Teahupoo
In one of the first of many future musician/surf collabs since Billabong’s 2011 partnership with Universal Music, singer Colbie Caillat went to the Tahiti event with Billabong team rider Ellie-Jean Coffey. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber at Pipe next year?

A Grom and a GoPro
Just some majestic music and Huntington’s Kanoa Igarashi frolicking in the shorebreak. Strange.

JOB on a WaveJet at Pipe
Granted, he could probably get barreled on a door as well.

In Other WaveJet News
It was announced back in October that Cory Lopez joined the WaveJet team, yet mysteriously there were no photos or videos of him actually riding it. Until now.

Helmet not included. Photos: Daytona Beach News Journal

Just When You Thought Sterling Spencer Couldn’t Get Any Weirder
Well done, my friend. Well done.

Instagram Photo(s) of the Week
Carissa Moore’s downtime fun. Homemade Jello pool!

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  • jabberwocky

    So you guys put up a photoshopped pic of a girl surfing a paddleboard in high heels, presumably to make fun of stand-up paddling? What kind of wussy shortboard fags write for this magazine anyway. Gay.

  • Janna Irons

    @jabberwocky Would you like me to forward you the email? And I assure you, I am not a “wussy shortboard fag.”

  • Major Pain

    WTH ????????????????: It has been A Week, before some of The Local News Media FINALLY Gave Some Attention to the fact that Surfer – Researcher Michael Scott Moore has been Kidnapped by Somali Pirates…….Meanwhile, the people used in interviews sounded as Total Idiots, saying crap like, “Oh, he is probably embedded with the Somali Pirates….” (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)…Thank Goodness at least SURFER Magazine Remembered… Thank You !!!!)

  • Major Pain

    P. S.: Regarding Janna Irons; Not only is She “Smoking – Hawt,” She is An Incredible Surfer. She is also VERY Intellectual, and I enjoy reading Her articles posted within SURFING Magazine, as well as other Surf – Related Publications.

    As One who Supports Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Surfers / Enthusiasts, with more photographs upon Facebook (FB) than any Other Person, I am NO Stranger to SUP. I have been Surfing since 1976, and I am The Administrator for several FB Sites Dedicated to Women Surfers. I am quite familiar with whom Janna Irons is. I assure you that She is no “wussy short board fag.”

    Semper Fi,
    “Major Pain”

  • James

    Jabber… wacky, is just another idiot that sits on his couch all day looking to be somebody!! Apparently he made it tonight……..F$&@ing idiot!

  • Kara

    Photoshop? Apparently you need to photoshop your “shortcomings”, however Surfer magazine does not. Janna could surf circles around you, short or long board bitch!

  • fluke

    “wussy shortboard fag”? dude ur nuts get outta here…

  • Dana

    Love Colbie! So cool to see her in her element 🙂
    Check out my youtube playlist surfers (if you’re into her)