Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of December 12

| posted on December 16, 2011

As we emerge from the (excitement?) hangover post-Hawaii, here are the arbitrary “news” items that appeared on the interweb.

The Richest Surfers in All the Land
According to BRW’s Rich List, an annual ranking of the Top 50 Australian sports and entertainment earners, Taj Burrow (No. 25 on the list, makes $2 mill a year), Mick Fanning (No. 27, $2 million), and Joel Parkinson (No. 47, $1.5 million) are the richest Aussie surfers. Stephanie Gilmore (No. 48, $1.2 million) and Julian Wilson (No. 50, $1.2 million) rounded out the list.

'Hahaha, we are so rich.' Photo:

Breaking and Entering
According to the New Zealand Herald, a baby seal in New Zealand crossed a busy highway, crawled through the doggy door of a house, and fell asleep on the couch.

A Guy You’ve Never Heard of, Doing a Maneuver You’ve Rarely Seen
His name is Ricardo Wendhausen. And he calls this an Aéreo Alley oop 540º.

Rad Lego Art!
From the same guy that brought you Beer Can Surfboard, comes Lego Man at Pipe. Epic.

Art by Morrison

Who Am I?
The Surfrider Foundation recently released this infographic, which claims the average surfer is 34, makes $75,000 a year, and owns four surfboards. Are you average?

Yey! SUPing Everywhere!
You can do this [below], or click here to see the arctic version.

Mason Ho, and a Peanut Gallery
The ongoing commentary is almost as entertaining as Mason’s performance.

An Inflatable Surfboard, Because That’s a Good Idea
Introducing the Planche de surf gonflable SurfAir Blanc, the $650 inflatable surfboard. I cannot give you more information because it is a website in French.

Pro Surfer Surprise
Oh Hawaii News, you’re so sneaky.


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  • Billy

    Hey Ed, check this out! A ridiculously funny underground surf movie out of Durban, South Africa.

  • mike

    classic skimboarding video. Not sure which is funnier, the drunk guy eating it, or skimboarders in Laguna wearing full suits. Really……skimboarders wear full suits??? that is pretty funny…..were they out there paddling on them too?

  • http://@donncottom Donn C

    Really? That Surfer would host a “funny” video that some might see as a little “sad” if you have a “soul”. Really? We can only wonder why YouTube removes the video. Surfer magazine and the guys that made it are what are “sad.” Sad that their entertainment from such a great sport has to include degrading, humiliating, and physically assaulting(the guy obviously added wet and cold to his problems) a person who obviously appears to be drunk and maybe homeless. While we, the viewers, can’t be sure the video intends for us to share in humor at the expense of the homeless drunk. “Sadly” it is fairly common knowledge that people who appear as this man does are often either mentally ill or suffer from addiction. And, even if the case was neither: the surfers and Surfer magazine are at the very least cruel. The man is clearly suffering. Can you not see? Where will he spend Christmas morning? And, you? To harass the man would be bad enough. But to also video then post it on YouTube and Surfer clearly shows your “soul”. What’s next? Maybe a cancer patient? Btw: the posting was by Janna Irons / posted on December 16 and has accrued 96 likes and 15 tweets. Nice work Janna.

  • Jon

    Donn C. you’re a kook.

  • Alex

    I didn’t laugh. It’s disgracious. Remove this shit. Shame on you.

  • taka

    I agree with mike. I laugh at those stupid brainless skim boarders, not the man with alcoholic problem. if you wanna see man’s butts, go to onsen in Japan. You will see tons of them.

  • Donn C

    Good one, Jon.