Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of October 24

| posted on October 28, 2011

It was quite a busy week. And by that I mean it was filled with many delightfully strange occurrences.

Jamie O’Brien Rides a Turtle, Enrages People
Last night, I received an anonymous tip via text (below left) about a big story on the news in Hawaii. A Google search revealed a report by KHON 2 News that expressed Hawaiians’ outrage over this photo of Jamie O’Brien (right) that turned up online. Watch the video of the newscast here.

The tip, and the photo causing the uproar.

Huntington Beach, Brought to You by Hollister
Abercrombie recently signed a new agreement to continue streaming a live feed of the surf at Huntington Beach over 179 flat screen monitors at the Hollister storefront on 5th Avenue in New York City. According to Shop Eat Surf, the new agreement raised the fee to $116,000 per year and allowed Abercrombie to install seven more cameras on the pier. They also paid a signing bonus of $50,000 to go toward lifeguard equipment. I bet it’s not actually a “live” feed. I bet it’s on loop. I think someone should test it.

Deductive Reasoning, Featuring Laurie Towner
Apple is the most-loved brand ever. Laurie Towner is on Ergo, Laurie Towner is the most-loved surfer ever., making surf stars famous-er since 2010.

A Google Field Trip
Google, almost as loved as Apple, played host to writer Chris Dixon, Ken “Skindog” Collins, Jeff Clarke, and Greg Long. On their field trip, Chris gave a presentation about his new book, Ghost Wave, and then they were all shown a version of Google Earth displayed across 10 HD flat screens.

Ken 'Skindog' Collins, Chris Dixon, and Greg Long. Photo: Jason Murray

Jacksonville Surfer Surfs for 29 Hours Straight
According to First Coast News, Kurtis Loftus unofficially broke the existing Guinness record for hours surfed by surfing for more than 29 hours. He caught 308 waves in process.


There She Is!
Have you been losing sleep wondering what ever happened to former World Tour surfer Karina Petroni? Just a year or so ago she was everywhere in the surf media, then suddenly she disappeared. But not to fret. She’s just spent the last few years on a Caribbean island, picking up trash, swimming through underwater caves, and climbing in and out of boats, as evidenced in this video.

Cover Shot
Congrats to Jesse Merle Jones and SURFER photog Zak Noyle for landing the cover of “Live a Little Hawaiian Style, Volume 2.” Available for $10 at Walmart.


Go Sally, Go
Roxy wants sally to “Go.” Hmmm…..

Brah, What’s Up With The Wave Jet, Part 3
Interestingly, it was announced this week that Cory Lopez has signed on as a Brand Ambassador for Wave Jet (remember Wave Jet, from such Internet sensations like “Brah, What’s Up With The Wave Jet?”). “I’m really excited to be riding for WaveJet,” says Lopez. “WaveJet’s support of surfing and lifesaving with the Vans Triple Crown, Waterman Eco-Challenge and the US Open really shows their commitment to advancing the sport. I look forward to working with them and my other sponsors, to help take surfing to the next level.”

“Just Launch Like 20 Feet to Splat”
Brian Connelly and Nathan and Christian Fletcher, in a Ford commercial.

Mark Mathews Has Cojones
The big-wave charger is proving his fearlessness goes beyond the lineup with his recent appearance on an Australian reality show, “Surfie Wants a Wife.” According to the show’s website, “Local surfing legend and all round super hunk, Mark Mathews, is single & ready to mingle – but he’s up for something a little more than a disco pash – this Surfer wants to bag himself a wife.” Watch Mark drink a large, romantic glass of milk with a few contenders:

Chinese Surfing Headlines
This week saw the first-ever ASP World Tour event hit China. Some great news headlines came along with it. Strange translations were also plentiful, like, for example, this quote from the Chinese wildcard/ballerina: “I have not been surfing very long so I feel like the baby of the event, but the baby is very excited.” More Chinese surf contests and great headlines in our future?

Yes, she does.

Is ending the year on the crest of a wave a good thing?

Oh, that ballerina.

Men Seemingly Writhing in Pain, and a Man with a Bullhorn
This photo was posted on Surfers Village under the headline “Sasha Stoker coaches Billabong Indonesian Team.” It’s just fantastic.

Photo: Indo Surf Life

Healey Stabs a Creature
If you ever doubted whether Mark Healey is, in fact, the nutsest, watch this.

Don’t Worry, More Surf Reality Shows on the Way
It was announced this week that FUEL TV has decided to discontinue the action-sports show “The Daily Habit,” in favor of more UFC. But, as FUEL TV Executive Vice President George Greenberg explains, the gap in the surf content pool will soon be filled: “We have a surf reality show in development as well. That show in particular will take place in the Huntington Beach area, and will take a look at surfers aspiring to be pros, current pros and surfers who were pro and really take a look inside their world in a reality setting.” Like this one?

A lovely surf reality show of yesteryear.

Kia Launches “Surf-Themed 2012 Rio”
This “surf-themed” vehicle, designed by Kia and Antenna Magazine, promises to be a “one-of-a-kind retro ride aimed at totally radical surfing enthusiasts.” Surfers, they claim, will love it because it “has shelves for sandals and swimsuits, as well as an old-school record player and a retro-style video game system.”

Phew, thank god I can finally listen to my records and make wheatgrass without going ALL the way home!

Did You Know There Is Surf in Maryland?
There is.

Ocean City, Maryland. Photo submitted by reader Todd Chandler

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  • turtle hopper

    Enjoying how politically correct everyone is on facebook in analyzing Jamie hopping on a turtle. What if he jumped on a bear? Who cares?

    Its not as though people will go out and try this. Yes, he is a role model, but everyone makes mistakes. Yes, its completely illegal under some nanny state law and obviously shouldn’t be done. Everyone is way too sensitive and has way too much time on there hands it seems to be the policeman.

    The same people that wrote all those comments are sitting in front of Wall Street demanding handouts and trying to “make things fair.” Lunatics that can’t make it for themselves so they force regulations, emotions, personal attacks, and provide zero solutions. Keep getting mad at Jamie and the government; everyone’s to blame for how bad things are in this world.

  • Slayer

    I friggin’ love Mark Healey. Now THAT is a waterman…

  • alex

    Surfer magazine magazine, you better have put hollister in this “week in Review” to be ironic and not promote them. No brand is more destructive to our sport and lifestyle than that company

  • Kapu

    Hey turtle hopper ive seen mainland kooks do it while snorkeling…….and quickly corrected them…… you would think an islander/surfer would know better…….but stupid is as stupid does….if you jumped on a bear would he suffocate like a turtle would under water? Trust me i don’t need regulations to regulate kooks like you

  • G

    turtle hopper, very confused. You could be to Karl Rove what Renfield was to Dracula.

  • windywind

    As for the Hollister live cams, it’s real. I’ve stood on the north side of the pier and called my mom who was at a Hollister and she could see me.

    Its live.

  • turtle hopper

    Are you an American?
    Or do you consider yourself Hawaiin? I’m calling you and every other queer bag out that harbors resentment of those who live different than you. “Your way”
    perpetuates racism. The only kooks I know rescued your “people” as they got shelled to timbers during the World War and guess who came to your rescue island boy? A bunch of kooks salvaged the turtle nests so Jamie could hop on one and you could complain.
    Get real about using the word kook. Learn your history (and who saved your butts).
    Your island culture is an isolated wet dream. You rely on alot of kooks for protection. Thanks for playing kalawacka daka aka kapupa.

  • Kaput

    Turd huffer you are wrong on all your assumptions……..ALL…like every f^%€ing one……boy your parents did a number on you

  • notcool

    turtle hopper is a donkey……hope i used that correctly

  • coco butter

    I used to ride turtles back in the 70’s. Jamie is a good guy. No harm, no foul.

  • Chris Dixon

    Here’s a link to the Google Talk about Ghost Wave with Greg and Skindog. If my subject matter bores you, fast forward to around 1:12:00 and watch Skinny’s epic discussion of tow versus paddle and why Greg’s board is a skinny, sexy supermodel, while his board is “a fat chick.”