Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of August 1

| posted on August 06, 2011

Despite popular misconception, not everything in the surf world happened within the confines of Huntington Beach this week. Here are some things you may have missed while tuned into the webcast.

There’s an App for That
The “Cardiff Kook,” the San Diego statue known for its kooky style and the costumes residents habitually dress him in, now has an iPhone app. Because everyone needs to be able virtually clothe a statue from the palm of their hand.

Jordy’s Nipples, and Other Strange Visuals
Another completely pointless yet entertaining way in which someone wasted time on the Interweb. At 00:48 seconds prepare for piercings.

The Goodwin Project
Aamion Goodwin, his wife Daize Shayne Goodwin, and their two young kids have begun an around-the-world adventure, which they plan to document on their newly launched website. Watch the trailer below. Be forewarned, the ending may make you uncomfortable.

Agatha Christie Surfs
Move over Gidget. Researchers have discovered that British crime writer (and Guinness Book of World Record holder as the “best-selling writer of books of all time”) Agatha Christie was one of Britain’s first stand-up surfers.

Agatha and Fred go way back. Photo: Museum of British Surfing

In honor of Shark Week, Quiksilver, Discovery Channel, and Channel Islands teamed up to donate four limited edition boards to auction off for charity. Each board is valued at $1,200 and bids are currently at $500.

Bid on these boards at

Complete Twitter Nonsense
Jamie Obrien (or whoever it is who Tweets for him?) seems to have lost it this week. Here’s a sample of the complete nonsense spewing from @whoisJOB:

Morgan’s Strange Photo of the Week
SURFER photog Morgan Maassen has a way of capturing the strangest images ever, photos that will never run anywhere because they are so epically bizarre. Here is the first installment of Morgan’s Strange Photo of the Week, a loving embrace between Craig Anderson and Warren Smith.

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  • James B

    It´s just my personal feeling or Jamie Obrien is really an arrogant asshole who sees himself as better than everyone else in the world??

  • Jonny Gibbings

    Jamie Obrien doesn’t do competitions, or competitive surfing FACT. Even though he has signed up for the Rip Curl cup Padang… and will have his ass handed to him by a local probably. And you can be sure that local will be thankful and humble of his opportunity and sponsors, rather than ‘it’s hard to be humble when your J.O.B.’

  • JamieOBiatch

    Hey JOB if you weren’t lucky enough to grow up at Pipe & if you didn’t surf good I have a feeling that you would be such a kook. You would for sure be a 40 year old virgin & no one would even want to have anything to do with you. Start to be more humble & act like a rolemodel instead of acting like Richie Collins. Take some notes from someone like AI who was so much gnarlier then you will ever be & who was a really cool dude. Why do you love yourself so much? Cuz you can get tubed? So can John John (who seems like a humble nice guy) & a thousand other surfers. Is it because you can do airs? Nathan Fletcher boost better then you & he is probably the most mellow, humble, cool person alive) & every kid at every break can do airs these days. Be happy that you are so lucky & stop being such a prick.

  • Mike

    Who in the world thought that psuedo hippy art expose done by the Goodwin’s would make anyone want to watch their movie? Do I want to see someone giving birth? Or some sponsored surfer cutting open coconuts pretending like he’s aboriginal?

  • Bones

    Live vicariously???!!! Wow, that’s depressing as tag lines go.

  • Chongo

    JOB and Bobby Martinez, what’s with you two? By voicing your adolescent thoughts you make yourselves more and more irrelevant. You act as though Twitter is crack. Learn to control your ramblings and put the Twitter away. Bobby, your wife is right, you seem to be losing your mind. Don’t loose your career; you’re too damn good!

  • kb

    goodwin trailer

    cliché? definitely!

    disturbing? you bet cha!

  • OB Jefe

    Sounds like someone long overdue to get his ASS KICKED.

  • zeno malan

    I liked the video as it represents that we may all have to go back to our roots.
    I’m not saying I’m a jungle survivalist, but it might be helpful.
    Just a thought of mine I’m passing on.
    As to JOB and BM –
    I don’t know either of them, but it appears they both are fortunate.

  • fran

    Aamion Goodwin is suuutch a try harder.. the tears, the coconut? .. your baby will be ashamed.. hhahhahha that video is soo funny.. now what? get Hurley to buy you a cave and get Survivorman to teach you how to make fire…