Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of June 20

| posted on June 24, 2011

Some weeks are filled with so much nonsense that Week in Review writes itself. This week was one such week.

Pirates Invade Lowers
This has been all over the web this week, but in case you missed it, here you go…

Surf Life Saving Australia Patents the Word “Lifeguard”
According to an article by, Surf Life Saving Australia was granted trademark protections for the word “lifeguard,” meaning every lifeguard service in Australia could be charged at some time in the future to use the “lifeguard” tag. “It’s like trademarking the word ‘plumber’,” said Councillor Bob La Castra. Indeed.

Kelly Slater on Chelsea Lately
On Wednesday, Slater appeared on E!’s nighttime talk show with Chelsea Handler. A quick recap of the show: Kelly plugged his girlfriend’s bikini line, then he plugged Quiksilver, then Chelsea referenced Baywatch, compared Kelly to Laird, and called him “tiny.”

Posting Dance Videos on the Interweb is the New Black
Back in March, Laura Enever, Coco Ho, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, and co. celebrated Alana Blanchard’s birthday by posting a YouTube dance video. In response, their friends from Brazil–Ian Gouveia, Thiago Guimaraes, and Jesse Mendes–made their own [below]. The girls, consequently, answered back.

Anastasia Ashely Appears in Playboy
We know you read it for the articles, because, of course, the journalism is incredible: [from the intro] “With her bronze, taut exterior and her compulsive need for adrenaline the surf Betty is the modern sea goddess.”

Bobby Martinez Speaks His Mind
Here in the land where cookie-cutter, sponsor-friendly vernacular abounds, Bobby Martinez venomous rants on Twitter this week seemed surprisingly refreshing.

The $4,800 Solution to Paddle-Fatigue
The WaveJet, the motorized surfboard popularized on such hit YouTube videos as “Brah, What’s Up with the Wave Jet?,” made an appearance in Wired this week, spreading the gospel of paddle-free surfing to tech geeks the nation over.

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  • average surfer

    chelsea handler is so lame! she’s just embarrassing herself the whole time

  • male gaze

    This week in review affirms via chelsea handler and anastasia ashley respectively, that women are still not funny but they are sexy ever.

  • Veronica Summers

    What makes me still respect Anastasia is that she keeps her outside of surfing images clean and taste full unlike some of the other “female surfers” who tend to bare more thinking its getting them more exposure. She is great role model for the younger girls looking to market there talent further then surfline and and contest results. Don’t try to be slutty just try to be yourself. Anastasia always has the most positive things to say on her facebook and twitter and I love following her updates. I wish I could meet Mrs. Anastasia Ashley one day. When is your next issue going to feature Anastasia surfing ?

  • bones

    you’d think 3 brazilians would be able to dance…

  • surfcycle5

    Love the Lowers take over! Remind the spoiled brats and their clicks that surfing is about having fun! Hey Lifeguards- why so serious? Really?