Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the week of May 16

| posted on May 20, 2011

Fist-pumps, mermaids, money, and alligators. Odd occurrences and random tidbits to get your through Friday afternoon.

Alligators in the Surf!
According to Naples Daily News, a six-foot alligator was pulled from the surf in Florida. Though uncommon, the irrational fear of surfing alongside these reptiles has spawned such ridiculously awesome blockbusters as Blood Surf [see below]. And for that we thank them for occasionally venturing into the sea.

A Nike World Tour Event in Sydney?
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “Global sportswear giant Nike will try to muscle in on the Australian surfing scene, with plans to create the country’s richest surfing contest at Manly from next year. The plan, still under wraps, is to lure the cream of world surfing to Sydney between the Quiksilver Pro on Queensland’s Gold Coast in February and the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, Victoria, in April. The Sun-Herald understands that Nike will offer the biggest prize pot in Australian surfing – at least $US1 million ($945,000).”

Surf the Wedge, Don’t Die, and Win $1000!
Apparently Ghetto Juice Magazine out of Orange County, CA, announced this week the first-ever Big Wave Wedge awards. “Whoever surfs the biggest wave at Wedge this summer will win at least $1,000.00 cash and lots of prizes….maybe even more. Competition window 5/19/2011 – 9/22/2011. Top five entrants will all win something and be documented in the pages of Ghetto Juice…and if the photo is solid, maybe even the cover.”

The Wedge, the gentle Orange County spot that wants to break your back. Photo: Lowe-White

Fist-Pump Fest 2011
The controversial, claim-laden quarterfinal match-up between Owen Wright and eventual winner Adriano de Souza.

Mer Pals Forever!
Granted, this has nothing to do with surfing–aside from the fact that this possibly delusional “mermaid” chooses San Diego surf spots as the backdrop to her 27 YouTube videos of herself–but either way it’s bizarre, and bizarre is fun to look at.

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  • guto

    Did you publish the also “controversal, claim-laden…” match-up between Adriano and Taj Burrow at Quick Pro this year?

  • Whamo

    Owen should have won.

  • Fahrion

    Why don’t you surfer mag try to be less partial in your articles??? Don’t you think that it’s a total imature position from your side, seeding preconception in surfers community, in a sport that must be impartial and pacific, as any other sport? Stop your partiality.

  • tillish

    wow, that blood surf thing just scared the living crap out if me!

  • Lame Judging

    They are partial toward people who actually win heats…

  • Judge #3

    An 8 for a floater….. what a joke

  • Mik

    Adriano’s floater was heavy, he made two difficult adjustments on it, so technically it was a bigger move than the other mediocre stuff that the crazies (otherwise known as judges) where throwing bloated numbers at. And yes, I agree with the Brazilians that they have been routinely underscored for years, so payback was due—I have even ranted on this topic in the past, amongst other (rants). But two wrongs do not make a right: the waves and (alleged) judging in Rio sucked. It was a waste of WTC talent. And I won’t fucking waste my time watching another contest in Brazil, if they don’t resolve both issues. Forget Rio. There are no WCT caliber waves there. Go south. There’s plenty of beautiful Brazilian girls everywhere, if that’s the deal??????? Go find some waves.

  • Brazzo 4 Life

    The floater was epics and the claiming was world class. Viva Adriano and Viva Brazil. Get ready for Brazzo domination bitches. B4L is calling Heitor Alves to take the Chopes event. You heards it here first.

    Brazzo 4 Life