Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of May 9

| posted on May 12, 2011

Here are some mostly pointless, highly useless high points of the week. Note: None of this should be construed as actual news.

“Brah, what’s up with the Wave Jet?”

Layne says, “I love her.”
Apparently Australia has been abuzz with rumors that there’s a bitter rift between seven-time World Champ Layne Beachley and her successor, Steph Gilmore, after Beachley “was filmed pulling faces as she stood behind Gilmore, who was accepting her world title” at the ASP Awards Banquet in February. Not so, says Layne. “I love her,” Beachley said. She does admit, however: “It’s not like we hang out that much.”

Coco, Starting at $1199.
Coco Ho is featured on the screen of a shiny, new iMac on the Apple homepage. On an unrelated note, click here to a love song a fan wrote about her.

Dane Re-signs with (Not Resigns from) Quik
“I’ve ridden for Quiksilver for 8 years now and the relationship has just gotten more fun. I’m really happy with the people I’m working with and I’m really pleased that they offered to re-sign me,” the press release said Dane said. This video is awesome:

Alek Parker Makes Friends
On a cruise ship in the Bahamas, Florida’s Alek Parker finds the woman with all the wisdom.

Kelly’s Been Busy
Last week, we attested that Slater missed the Lowers Pro because he was busy rubbing elbows with a bald Buddhist leader and eating Tzatziki, but it seems he’s also been occupied with other matters.

Photoshop work provided by one of our readers, Wes Mantooth.

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  • Brad Western

    Steph can now join the other 20 million Aussies who find Laynes endless self promotions and tiresome ego too much to deal with.

  • riff

    im sorry but steph is f@cking hotttt, dam!

  • jeff

    Steph looks like a WNBA player next to Layne…

  • Rickonthebeach

    Re wave jet. Must suck being the first DORK to ride one…BRAH