We Heart Lowers

| posted on June 29, 2010

Last Friday, SURFER Magazine competed in the Battle of The Media during the Surfing America USA Championships, and finished in third place. But we weren’t down there to relive our competitive glory days. Nope, we wanted to surf Lowers with only four other people.

The team consisted of Managing Editor Brendon Thomas, Photo Editor Grant Ellis, Assistant Art Director Cody Iddings, and myself. All week Cody could barely sit at his desk in anticipation of surfing perfect Lowers. I’m pretty sure Cody set the record for most iChat messages saying the same thing: “Aaron we’re going to surf Lowers with only four other people; can you believe that,” was all I heard until it was Cody’s time to shine.

We don’t want to make excuses, but the decision of going to Pedro’s Tacos moments before taking the water may have had something to do with our third place finish. We elected not to go the healthy route of eating some fruit and nuts, but eat what was cheap and had a drive-thru. “I nearly puked trying to stand-up,” said Thomas freesurfing before his heat. Ironically, the only one who wasn’t weighed down by San Clemente’s finest Mexican food was Cody.

After not fully capitalizing on my whammy (the option to double what you think is your best wave) wave, Cody put the team on his back and put us into third place, by scoring an 8.33 with only minutes left in the heat. Prior to Cody taking the water, Grant kept SURFER in contention with a strong fronthand that had groms across the beach taking notes.

Cody throwing a bucket of water, while on his way to getting an 8.33

Cody throwing a bucket of water, while on his way to getting an 8.33

My iChat has gone back to messages regarding lunch and weekend plans and Cody still can’t believe he got to surf Lowers with only four other people. Today, tomorrow, and the next day I will be sending Cody the same message over and over…”Wait Till Next Year.”

  • http://n/a zach

    Lower regains “Pristine” reputation ?

    The “Final Solution” is needed in Slan Scumente where the Sewer meets the Sea !

  • Lowers Galaxy 2

    This guy’s so siq, love the blog updates about his travels to mysto slabs and shredding in the industry’s backyard. Looking forward to more posts about further surf adventures of his. Keep ’em comin’

  • Mike Story

    Ahhh…bringing the legendary “Skins” format to Lowers for this event was a good call! Remember when Occy got on the most ridiculous role at Bells under this format? Although I can’t say much for the pre-heat Pedros call.

    Way to go boys,


    Michael Story
    Big Daddy Media

  • Twon

    dude this guy zach is a kook. every page I look on he has the SAME comment bagging on San Clemente.