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| posted on February 04, 2011

The SURFER “End Bug” is what we call the tiny surfing human that we place at the end of every feature in the magazine (it looks like a squashed bug to the untrained eye). If you’re still unsure, please take this moment to rifle through an issue of SURFER and keep your eye out for the tiny black emblem. The outline of none other than Mark Occhilupo, midway through one of his iconic frontside turns. Although that turn will never be any less impressive, after a few decades of looking at it, we decided it’s time for a change. Below are the nominees for the new End Bug, which are both iconic turns by surfers that defined a generation. Click on the “Like” button below the image of Tom Curren or Andy Irons to determine who you will see on the pages of SURFER from now on. A winner must be chosen by next Wednesday, February 9.

  • Michael

    The Andy silhouette doesn’t do the man justice nither in grace or power

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  • kimo

    if you us andy please wait until the reports are released about his cause of death. the news will not be good and he should not be your logo.

    • what kimo!!!

      you miss the whole point kimo!

  • Kaua

    Andy was an incredible and inspirational surfer and it would be a nice and continuing tribute to see his silhoutte on the pages of Surfer. As to the comment by Kimo, I can’t imagine any facts coming to light regarding his death that would diminish the contributions he made to surfing or the incredible competitor and athlete that he was. The magazine is about surfing not about any private conduct or personal struggles that may or may not be true. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  • Matt Parker

    When I was a grom in the late 80’s early 90’s, and first started reading “er”, the bug you used was iconic turn of Curren at Backdoor, right? So why nominate it again?

  • Kaua

    I think surfer magazine should be proud to have Andy’s silhoutte as their emblem. He was an amazing athlete and inspirational surfer.

  • lestin

    the curren one is the best one the silhouette selected for Andy is ridiculous
    it s a shame to select that silhouette when there is so many other much better than that one
    rip andy

  • Max Emberson

    Both are awesome cutbacks. Id like to add in the carve spray in gray – as it shows the speed and power. Look at Currens full pic and he is pealing off 10 to 12 feet of spray and Andys is about the same deal. The spray shows the power and speed of these guys and why they are in the elite.

  • 111makai111

    Mmm… What else you got? One’s dated and the other is slightly confusing to what it is if your NOT a surfer.

  • jeni prince


  • dj

    it should be andy for sure, but the curren silhouette is much more appealing. can’t we find a different andy shot? kimo….shhhh. kaua….beautifully stated.

  • Julie Buteyn

    Please consider Andy’s pic for this, as he was brilliant for the sport and all who know and love surfing would really appreciate seeing Andy win this. To me personally I always loved KS but Andy too because he’s the only one who could give KS a run for his money. This fact is important to us and to the sport, and to KS. Pro surfing changed the day we lost AI. Will never be the same. AI is LEGEND.

  • Tony Fryer

    How about Billy Hamilton @ Rocky Point circa 1967 – 68?

  • paul harris

    andy rocks!!!

  • Jerome Peacock

    Love Curren, but Andy is more contemporary.

  • @mysurfgrocey

    Tom Curren… The 80’s Kelly Slater with style to spare… He deserves the bug!

  • Bruce

    Really crappy choice of pics for Andy, the Curren logo wins in this case even though I would way rather see a Andy logo.

  • Bruce

    The Curren logo looks like the old logo reversed, and I think even Curren would want to rather see an Andy logo, just find a better pic!

  • S Betty

    If AI hadn’t died, using his image as a bug wouldn’t be considered.

    We all regret his passing so it’s short-sighted for the magazine to play on people’s sentimentality in making this decision.

  • B808

    There has to be an iconic photo of Kelly Slater that could be considered. He’s graced more covers, sold more issues and has brought the most outside media attention to surfing than any other surfer in history. I think a silhouette that features his bald dome would be a relatable icon that would cover several generations of readers. You gotta remember that many of your readers were not even born when that curren shot was taken… They’ve never even seen the video Searching For Tom Curren. I am not against an AI shot either… But I just think this shot doesn’t do justice for his style n surfing.

  • Rabbit Bartholomew

    Andy should have a presence in Surfer, in perpetuity. He was a really special person, always took the time to see how you were or ask about your kids. Andy is a true surfing hero that left us far too early and in tragic circumstances. I miss him a lot, think about him all the time.

  • Mik

    It should be a railgrab air. By Andy. This will look better graphically because you don’t see the wave. check out the air on the website loading image for for an example. Waaay coooler. But Andy for sure. Andy was a far more radical surfer than Curren. More power, more style, heavier moves. The surfing world is still in shock. We all wish he was still alive. Immortalizing him is a great idea.

  • Mik

    BTW: Kimo, we don’t care how Andy died. We care how Andy SURFED. HOW HE LIVED. He lived an amazing life. A significant life that inspired hundreds of thousands of people. We all have our flaws, because that’s how we learn, and grow. We also have our destiny, and Andy’s is clear. A legend.

  • Yael

    Andy kicks Kelly’s ass !!!!!
    he was way more everything than many surfers for a LONG time.
    Andy defied gravity and the restricted usual surfing mentality and creativity… and didnt need a camera to do it either !
    Andy deserves to be honored in every way possible in the surfing industry.
    Andy lives in our hearts forever 😉
    the silhouette should be one of ANDY’S SIGNATURE RARE AIR MOVES 😉

  • Yael

    i dont see a SHARE button for fb ??????????

  • Matt Ritter(my real name)

    Kauai can stop rushing the microphone now and let some others speak.

    Andys silhouette has much more meaning in it than just spray people.

    When you see Currens silhouette you know who it is and what he was and where he is now.

    Think about it people…I dont want my kids idolizing any fallen hero. Great surfer, yes. Great person, maybe. Giver to his community and sharing in his success, probably so, but all of that doesnt negate the BIGGEST STORY OF ANDYs LIFE.

    Curren…still inspiring and being a good wholesome ROLL MODEL to this day…

  • Mik

    Matt Ritter: Perhaps you are unaware of Tom Curren’s (alleged) bout with alcoholism, and broken marriages? Andy was a role model as a 3 times world Champion surfer whose talent far eclipsed Curren’s, just as Curren’s eclipsed his predecessors. And again, the story on how he died may not be over, but really, it’s non of our business. What matters is how he surfed, how many people loved him, and the bitter reality that he is gone. Get off your high horse. Teach your kids that life has many challenges, and that it takes ongoing strength to face them—and to not be judgmental. I’m glad Curren survived, and sad Andy didn’t.

  • j

    Is that the Cardiff Kook? I’d go with Andy if it was a silhouette of him sitting on a couch, he was the man!

  • Matt Ritter(my real name)

    “MIK” – Tom also did Herion. Tom also survived as you said. Tom is still here today and not a topic of wasted talent…youve completely contradicted yourself.

    My “high” horse…?!?! More people loved Tom and still do… He DID transgress generations and progressive periods. Andy didnt even make it out of his own, less than one and DONE in a fireball of crashing flames…

    Andy far eclipsed Toms talent!?!?!?! what are you high on Bru?


  • gtag

    there’s kinda one more guy to consider don’t you think? Who’s influenced the future of surfing more: Andy, Curren, or that other guy who just won ten titles. i forget his name.

  • Brad Western

    Gee, I would kinda like to hear what the Irons eastate thinks about the issue.