Tyler Wright Wins the Roxy Pro

The girls return to Snapper for the Finals on the Gold Coast

| posted on March 08, 2013

Your 2013 Roxy Pro Champion, Tyler Wright. Photo: Ellis

With throngs of Gold Coast surf fans lining the point, Tyler Wright pulled a win out of thin air at Snapper Rocks in the waning seconds of the Roxy Pro final against Sally Fitzgibbons. As the clock ticked down, with Sally Fitzgibbons holding priority, Wright scratched into a prayer of a peak that lined up on the inside. Wright disassembled it for a 9.20, enough to overcome Sally Fitzgibbons’ pocket 8.33s for the lead. Wright was mobbed by her entire family in the shallows, and rightfully chaired to the podium without touching a grain of dry sand. “Sally came straight out with those 8.33s,” said Wright, “then with 30 seconds to go I got one, it held that inside line, and I was like, ‘yew, this is going to be sick.’”

“I’m speechless now,” she added. “I had such an up-and-down season last year, I can’t believe it. This is what I worked so hard for. My whole family is here, my brothers and sisters were cheering me on…they’ve all been there since day one. In the moment right now, I’m loving it.”

With the banks rising to the occasion around the rocks at Snapper, the Semis and Final were held in front of a packed stretch of sand and sandstone on the point. The girls knocked out Rounds 1-4 down the beach at Rainbow Bay early in the week, got through the Quarters midweek in tough conditions around the bend at Kirra, and returned to the peak at Snapper for the Finals on a postcard day with some long overdue sunshine on the Gold Coast. The rain was incessant all week, and the waves fickle, but the quality of surfing by the Top 17 over the course of the event was an early indicator for how entertaining the 2013 Women’s Tour will be.

Wright upset Steph Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons defeated Carissa Moore in the Semis, which were stacked with the top-4 ranked female surfers on Tour. The win nets her $15K and an obvious boost for a potential world title in 2013. Wright finished fourth in the Women’s World Title rankings in 2012.

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Tyler Wright, carving her way onto the podium. Photo: Ellis

  • Mik


    9 pts for a ride i scored at 5?

    Sally Fitzgibbons just got scalded.

    Not burned, scalded.

    Sad, but she’s rad and will bounce back… Provided all the judges get fired.

  • Emmi

    Compare it to Tyler’s 7.33 earlier in the heat and Sally’s first eight. It wasn’t a 9.2 but she only needed a 7.89. And this is justified.I think we aren’t used to seeing the girls turn crappy waves into good scores.
    At least nobody can say the judges always work in the sponsor’s favor now.

  • Mik

    Adriano just called and pointed out that I forgot to add in the claim!

    That explains the 4 point difference.

    Actually, the judges probaly didn’t even see the wave, but based on the fist-pump afterwards, which was massive, they just through that 9 out there….

  • Bruce Sancho

    Watching women surf is like watching paint dry! The only ones worth watching are the 2 or three hot ones like Alana when their wearing thongs.

  • Pc

    Hey, “Bruce sancho”, good luck with your asshole sexist mentality in this new century. Hopefully someone will feel the same way about your daughters to teach you what’s wrong with this attitudes. Women rip on the waves, bikini or not.

  • Ben

    Tyler won that easy. Power is an extreme rarity among the ladies, and she has it.

  • MIk

    @Ben: the wave was too small for power to even register. The turns were mostly 1 pts each, one was maybe a 1.5….

    So again, the 9 was based on what? a 4 pt fist-pump?

    these girls can surf, there are moves on the Women’s Tour that justify big scores, but that wave and that string of maneuvers wasn’t a Heat winner.

    @Bruce Sancho: I bet Carissa Moore would beat you ten out of ten times. in any size surf.

  • Bruce Sancho

    The judges blew this contest because they don’t care enough about it. Carrissa Moore. Is that Michael moores sister? Please I’d smoke her in a heat switch foot The local groms at my old high school could take out any of those asp chicks.

  • Jb

    Their women they do add some fun
    Great to watch grace under pressure
    Keep it coming


  • http://website steve

    One of these days one of these surfers is just going to walk up the beach and go, no don’t chair me up the beach i didn’t win and i know that. Thanks for the $10K winners cheque but we all saw what happened.