Trestles Toll Road Extension

A segmented approach to construction will be voted on Wednesday, June 19

| posted on June 14, 2013

For years California surfers have fought to stop the construction of the toll road, but it appears that fight isn't over. Photo: Ellis

On Wednesday, June 19th, the Regional Water Quality Control Board will vote on whether or not to allow the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) to begin constructing the first section of the embattled 241 Toll Road extension. The California Coastal Commission rejected the extension back in 2008, but the TCA is moving forward with its plan to work around that rejection by building the road in segments, which have a smaller environmental impact footprint, and are, therefore, easier to be approved in piecemeal.

If you feel so moved, public comments will be taken starting at 1:00 PM at the Regional Water Quality Control Board Meeting Room, 9174 Sky Park Court, San Diego.

Surfrider Foundation representatives will be on hand to meet with concerned surfers and environmentalists.

  • W. Ellis

    It’s actually the Tesoro Extension — near Tesoro High School in the middle of Orange County, 10 miles from the beach. The Tesoro extension is needed to help relieve traffic congestion for some million people in the area, including on clogged neighborhood streets. And even if the road is ever completed to I-5 on the edge of Camp Pendleton as planned for three decades, it would still be a half mile from the beach.

  • Ralph Headrick

    Please deny the road building!
    Tell these guys to leave and not come back!
    Thank you

  • Knox Barclay

    To the Regional Water Quality Control Board.
    Can you not see that this is an end run trying to circumvent what was all ready voted on and rejected. Please show some restraint and vote this down also. Are there no limits to this expansionism, in a far to crowded sections of the country? Save something for your children to enjoy. As a note, I still surf the area and I started in 1960. It has changed enough.

  • Pete Pearson

    Right, that’s what we need more of in OC, more concrete and less open land. Come on, enough is enough. This will not lead to relieve congestion, it will instead quickly fill up and just move the congestion problem further downstream. The answer is less development, not more. I’m raising my kids here in OC, please preserve whatever open spaces we have left. I don’t need even more roads. Please. I understand the purpose of this project is about $$$ but please stop the insanity and please stop the insatiable appetite for further development and more roads. Please.

  • Devon Howard

    You can say what you want on here, but it won’t help unless you show up in person.
    If you live in SoCal please show up. I will be there and I hope thousands join me.

  • Cody Iddings

    Brah, middle of nowhere!

  • Jean-Christophe Nadeau

    they shouldnt build more they should concentrate on green spces and less on concrete and rebar. I do not live in California but I hope to move there soon, therefore they should stop construction anyway and avoid future environmental problems.