Top 34 Review

Former Tour Surfer and Past Fantasy Surfer Champ Shea Lopez weighs in on the 2012 World Tour roster

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| posted on February 23, 2012
  • Dirt

    well done Shea, good review. Not sure that i agree with your call about John John being a world title contender. I dont think he’s at Medina’s or Kolohe’s level when i comes to regular every day surf. My call for world title this year is Julian Wilson. His air game is second to nobody, his turns and rail work are up with Kelly, Parko and Mick and he also charges. And unlike some of his older countrymen, it looks like he really wants it.

  • Collin

    Wow! What an amazing top 34 review. Shea brings a wealth of knowledge and insightful analysis to the table. I’ve learned a lot from watching these reviews, and I think that on the whole he’s pretty spot on. Most honest and accurate analysis on top 34 I’ve seen in a while.

    And it helps that they’re videos too. Keep this up Surfer.

  • Dean

    not sure how you can disagree if you watched John John surf pipe, sunset, trestles, south africa or portugal. he might be the best surfer in the world right now….he is certainly the best tuberider.

  • Dirt

    @Dean. John John rules pipe, no doubt, and the kid is a great tuberider, a great surfer, but his dominance on the north shore is more to do with local knowlege and a big set of balls than skill. Do you really think that he is a more complete surfer than someone like Owen? The WT will expose his weaknesses. He will be a contender in a few years.

  • Eddie Silva

    Agreed on JJF, the guy can do it all. Medina struggles on big tubes (and he knows it), and it will take some time for him to get used to it. I love the guy, but

    JJF, on the other hand, knows how to throw airs, has decent rail work, and everyone already knows about his tuberiding skills. If he can get the heat rythym figured out, he’s an immediate threat.

  • Cody Iddings

    Watch and see that John John isn’t just about big tubes.

  • oh pleeease

    Right about Parko being underscored for being too smooth.
    Way off on the board remark for Taj, the best thing Taj has ever done was get away from those pop-out boards. He could win it this year if he finds a good shaper.
    Jordy pretty spot on
    after that I lost interest

  • Mezzzzzz …

    Crisp, flowing, intelligent, highly entertaining, world class. No, not RKS’s surfing but Shea’s highly informative and articulate analysis of pro surfing.
    Excellent job once again Shea-lo, thanks.

  • John

    Hey @Dirt, time for you to revise your JJF assessment. Through 3 events including his win at Rio, he’s tied for #5 in standings, less than 4,000 points behind #1 Parko.

    Count ’em, 7 WCT events left including 4 barrel-heavy events: Fiji, Tahiti, Portugal, Pipe. #5: Lowers, we saw how good he’s gotten at the recent Prime event. #6 France? #7 Santa Cruz? 2 more breaks not too far away from the kind he just casually took down in Brazil.

    For World Title race, you keep your highest 8 scores out of 10. If this kid fine tunes his heat management and strategy, he’ll be nearly unstoppable. If he keeps his head on straight and stays healthy, I’d be shocked if going into Pipe he’s not leading or at very least in striking distance at the top of the table. John John will be Top 5 easily this year at the very worst.

    P.S. Where are Medina and Kolohe through 3 events?

  • Jeff I

    Where’s SeaBass? WTF?!