To Our Concerned Wavewatch Users

| posted on February 19, 2010

Dear loyal WaveWatch viewers concerned with the new changes, the following are facts and an explanation of the current events: and are owned by the same media group, the Action Sports Group (ASG). The camera network is an extremely expensive operation with many costly components that all need maintenance. This recession, which is affecting most business in America, has forced a reduction in the amount of advertising dollars that brands have to spend. Because of this we decided to roll into hoping that having one less web site to fund would reduce those costs. Obviously, this was not enough. With much regret we were forced to eliminate more costs and the camera network was shut down. This also affected our WaveWatch iPhone app.

Fortunately for all parties, and have entered into a partnership and are sharing Surfline’s camera network. Their network has more cams and still offers WaveWatch and SurferMag viewers free, reliable cameras to check the surf.

Again, we regret not being able to provide our viewers with all the great things had to offer but uncertain times call for certain measures.

Thank you for your support and we hope to provide you with reliable and quality services for years to come.

Rafael Patterson

Digital Brand Manager

Action Sports Group

  • stu

    haha. Corporate surfing at its finest.

  • Mickey Dora

    If John Severson was dead he would be rolling in his grave.

  • sean

    Sean “gangsta” Collins coming up smiling again. Now instead of a free alternative, everyone has to pony up $70 for the cams? Their free cams are total shit and if Sean thinks closing down the surfline forums is going to make us forget about his infamous trip to Barra, not gonna happen, douchebag…

  • Doog

    this stinks. cam on snicklefritz reef is down and i can’t decide if i should make the drive or stay in an eat cheese curls. wtf man!

  • Bill

    You guys giving me back my $5 i wasted on the Iphone App weeks before you took it down? BS. You guys should have taken the Iphone App down as soon as you knew it wouldn’t be working. But No, you took your Users for every last $5 you could.

  • Jdub

    Maybe if you would make a decent surf magazine like transworld you would have more money for the cams? I cancelled my subscription last year because your magazine became one huge ad with really crappy stories.

    I do not believe for one minute those cameras are costly or difficult to maintain. Just tell the truth…. You want more money.

    Jason White

  • Jeremy

    good preachin Jdub

  • reynolds


  • reynolds


  • Jeff

    Ripped me off on the iphone app thanks

  • Pissed Off!

    Surfline can go f itself! Open source surf cams you corporate bastards!

  • Athan

    It still doesn’t make sense…if we can still get cams through surfline’s stream on a computer, why cant it still work with the iPhone app? So f-ing dissappointed.