Title Race Still Afoot

According to the numbers, Kelly isn’t Ke11y just yet

| posted on November 04, 2011

Kelly Slater celebrates No. 11 a tad prematurely in San Francisco. Photo: Prodanovich

While the ASP has certainly been blessed with luck as far as scoring waves recently, they have not been blessed with significant mathematical ability. As it turns out, Slater is still one heat win away from becoming the 2011 World Champion, and Owen Wright can technically take the crown. According to a press release from the ASP (don’t worry, we double-checked their info this time) Owen can take the title from Slater if he wins the Search in San Francisco, and then continues on to win at Pipeline, all without Kelly making another heat. The odds aren’t exactly stacked in Owen’s favor, but perhaps stranger things have happened.

In the most epic possible scenario, according to the ASP press release, “If Kelly fails to advance out of another heat this season, and Owen wins in San Francisco and Pipeline, the two will tie at best of nine, eight, seven, etc. events, and the 2011 ASP World Title will be decided in a “Surf Off.”’ Sounds pretty theatrical, doesn’t it? Ocean Beach residents are currently trying to get the champagne out of the sand and back in the bottles, because it looks like this race is still at least one heat away from coming to an end.

  • chael sobreit

    I cannot even fathom this happening in any other ‘sport’

  • amosandy

    What kind of crazy screw up is this???? I haven’t seen a screw up like this since George Bush asked Dick Cheney to be his wingman.

  • renato

    What? Is this a joke? uheauhaeuaehuhe
    Go Owen!!! I belive u can do it!!!!


  • G

    Baywatch, now this.

  • Barbara Streisand

    Beautiful photo of Kelly.

  • Bobby

    Just goes to show how stupid pro surfing is. And how slater is all they have so they hype him and over score him so he will win every time!! They should just say slater is also the 2012 champ now! This just in slater won the 2013 world championship!! HAHAHA pathetic!!

  • matt

    Remember the Eddie Aikau contest at Waimea, the year Kelly won…? They gave it to someone else, until Kelly did the math and pointed out that he had won. Now he has to do the math and point out that he hasn’t won the title. Maybe he should hire on as pro surfings “mathematician in residency” once he is done competing. Maybe the ASP should buy a calculator.

  • Dirt

    We all know the ASP has a perpetual hard on for Kelly. The decision to give Kelly his 11th was made at tehaupoo. The ASP, what a bunch of dicks. Are you sure you don’t want to be part of this Dane?

  • http://surfer Kimbo

    this is shocking . would Dan Ross have had a difirent mind set in his heat with KS if he knew the outcome wasnt what he thought and what of the future heats ?

  • does surfer do journalism

    This is a joke right?
    Fire someone in the ASP now.
    Fire their asses.
    Who screwed the poocH?

  • Felipe

    Holy Crap,

    Is the ASP mentally handicapped? I’m not even joking; I serious question the ability of the asp to formulate a clear logical thought. How embarrassing. This is a horrible year for the asp. Maybe hire people who graduated high school for next year.

    I mean really, this is a joke.

  • Mud

    Wow, Dirt, Californians (those who are, anyway) really hate being Kelly’s bitch, eh? Not that there aren’t plenty who aren’t more like the readers of the Aussie mags, who seem to be having no problem giving the guy his due….

  • mort


  • Benny Boy

    Maybe we should have a formal audit of the ASP’s ratings for the last 10 years. Who knows what kind of mistakes could turn up, lol!

  • chucky from childs play

    Math Whiz kelly Slater took the eddie away from Tony Ray, the Margaret River hellman,some time ago just by knowing how to add. Kelly is the man and the best possible ambassador for the sport but at that particular contest, Tony Ray performance was so good that nobody was thinking about the points….nobody but Kelly… everyone´s eyes Tony was the champ but number are cold and the numbers were with the bald one that day…..

  • Oswaldo

    What a joke. Someone should lose their job. The only silver lining to this embarrassment is kellys title will not come on the anniversary of AIs death.

  • Yogi Berra

    The next round is the non-loser round. Kelly will probably advance to the quarters. Therefore it doesnt change. Quit whining sissies. When i say its over, its over. well…. its over.

    – Yogi Berra

  • Mik

    To All: The idea that Kelly is all the ASP has is ridiculous. Insulting to the talent he is surrounded by. Credit Kelly for being straight-up, in everything he does. Looking forward to a great finish of a great event….

  • Kris

    Everyone needs to relax… Great job Kelly for taking the hint from an online poster, doing the math himself, and alerting the ASP. Everyone who’s bitching and moaning and calling for someone’s resignation, well, chill out enjoy the new found drama in the the ensuing heats. This could happen in any sport. Why so much negativity!? It’s not as if we’re in Greece where the Prime Minister just subverted democracy for the benefit of bond holders and hedge funds. Relax.

  • 808billy

    This changes pro surfing forever. All of a sudden, it’s not about surfing, it’s about the system, points, judging, etc.. Yeah yeah, ASP has always been like this you say, but now, they’re just making it completely obvious. So shame.

  • Vernon Tillamook

    Maybe hire some non-surfers to handle the math. Must develop an app for calculating points.

  • Whamo

    Kelly won his 11th title before the season even started.

  • jaime glenn

    Kelly gets a M U L L I G A N.

  • http://none Steve Briggs

    This is not the first time Kelly has checked the judges sheets and found errors. Not only the Eddie but also the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout where Johnny Boy Gomes, a Da Hui team rider, was awarded the $50,000.00 first place check and everyone had left the beach. Kelly checked the scores and added up the correct totals and discovered he had won and not Gomes. Does this latest error still keep the Sport of Surfing in the Jeff Spicoli stereotype? It sure doesn’t help.

  • GoLeft

    Ridiculous is a good word. Its hard not to point a finger at the segmentation of the contests between different sponsors as a source of blame. With a sport trying to grab viewers via webcasts, expanding to major urban markets, each individual company wants their ‘me’ moment. Rip Curl wanted so bad to garner the attention of the crowning of a champ, that there is no doubt it was basking in the advertising glow of the beach dogpile celebration at their event. The fact this error happened at all is a serious black eye on the credibility of a sport trying to grab middle America and ratings. That a blogger named ‘Mark’ is the fact checker for the ASP shows what a cheap, backwoods outfit the organization of the Tour really is. This should have been caught by the powers that be long before that heat even was drawn up. Get real ASP, and surf Industry. Start putting a professional product out there is you want to be considered something other than a fringe X-Game sport.

  • James Dieser

    Can’t believe this circus, what a bunch of clowns……………Kelly is and will be the best ever…………..

  • Dirt

    @GoLeft. Great comment. The truth is, the ASP is a total money whore. It’s position is precarious. And unfortunately the WCT is no more than a fringe X-Game sport. Surfing itself is a great sport, it’s just not a good competive one. At best it is a showcase of some of the sports finest athletes, however the results the ASP produces can not really be taken seriously. Kelly is without a doubt the greatest surfer ever, but he didn’t realy win the title this year or last. No video evidence exists that he has outsurfed Owen this year. A world title on paper only. Kelly is, as far as I can tell, an honest person and I have no doubt that when Kelly ends his competitive career his memoirs will agree with me, He almost seems embarrassed about the results he’s been getting and i’m sure he is well aware that if it keeps going on like this a shadow could be cast over all his previous world titles. My prediction is, Kelly calls it quits after this year.

  • IslandVibes

    Who are we trying to kid? Kelly usually has such a mathematical grasp on all things afoot do we really think that he wouldn´t have known about this all along?
    Did he just run with it, hoping he might have been mistaken? Or was it he himself who called the ASP out over this ?!!
    What a debacle.

  • Berri Torre

    Well, maybe we should be happy about it. Stuff like this shows, that surfing is still not that professional at all…


  • Dewey

    Amateur night at the Bijou.

  • Dickson Cider

    What a kook statement. Last year and this year Kelly’s Title’s were manufactured?? He did the two most progressive aerials performed in competition this year at both the US Open AND New York. He was the best competitive surfer on tour this year even though there are others who have surfed better at some of the events he won. Oddly enough he too was the standout of some of the events he didn’t win such as New York and Portugal. But to say last year was manufactured is just plain stupid and makes you a pure hater. He ruled last year and got the wave of nearly every event. In PR he blew everyone away. You need to watch the video’s. Make sure you type in “surfing” this time.

  • MAtt O’Brien

    A11 1S F1XED: RD4 HT2 SURFED AND KS11 1S K1NG KE11Y AGA1N! good job Pupo and Medina… future looks bright! YEWWWWW…

  • Dirt

    @ Dickson Cider. If I’m a hater then your a groupie. “most progressive airs in competition”. BULLS**T. Did you forget about Julian, Kerr, Medina, Jordy, Jadson, Owen and Pat G. Kelly is an awesome surfer, but he’s OVERSCORED, on every wave of every heat of every event.

  • durt

    oh the drama!