Timmy Curran's "Hail Mary"

| posted on January 08, 2010

On a ho-hum Friday at the office scouring the Internet for entertaining surf lore, we came across this clip of Timmy Curran. It was posted a few months ago and it’s labeled “Timmy Curran Backflip,” but we’re not sure if that’s an accurate title. It is, however, fresh to our eyes and pretty freakin’ awesome.

Have a look.

  • keith

    nice one!

  • Jo

    This video clip is from the surf movie called “Tomorrow Today” by Transworld Surf.

  • brian

    seems easy enough…didn’t even look like he had enough speed either which shows his true talent. INSANE !

  • http://none Linda

    got salt water up my nose just watching!

  • Marcus

    Jo’s right, thats from the TT movie….c’mon guys at Surfer “fresh to our eyes”?

  • chris Cote

    Could of at least linked back to, geez.

  • dude

    You guys suck ! Tell ’em Cote !

  • tommy

    i don’t care where it’s from or when it’s from. that was AWESOME.