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| posted on August 22, 2014

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Valhalla’s Coast
The Lofoten Islands are way up at the top of Norway. They should also be way up at the top of your cold-water surf trip list. Pat Millin is a regular there, for reasons that will become clear once you watch this clip.


Tom Curren at J-Bay
Curren looks at the weirdest shit while he’s surfing. You’ve noticed that, right? Watch this clip, and watch where his head points. He looks way out onto the flats, practically right to the beach before and sometimes during every bottom turn. What’s he looking at? He does that and Wayne Lynch does that. Which is fitting, ’cause they’re the two best surfers ever.


Cuevas de Agua
The Award for Achievement in a Surf Clip Music Score goes to…Cuevas de Agua. Bet you won’t even need Google Translate to figure out what that title’s all about. Brian Conley and Marcus Hootman (best surfer name in history) go spelunking.

Yadin Nicol, Turning for Home
Yads lives in Southern California now, but he grew up in Western Australia, a place that loves to tell you how rugged it is, but, come on, half the time the surfers are wearing springsuits. So how rugged can it really be?


West Australia
Just in case the Yadin Nicol clip wasn’t enough West Oz for ya, here’s one more for good measure. Dino Adrian, Beau Foster, and Nathan Webster getting more tube time than most of us get in our entire lifetime.

THROWBACK CLIP OF THE WEEK: Biggest Teahupoo Ever in Slo-Mo, Oh My God
Not going that far back with this one, but with a massive swell about to cause nightmares at Teahupoo, let’s all remember the hideous Code Red session from 2011. The day that Nathan Fletcher saw parts of the ocean no human was ever meant to see.

  • Mik

    i’m in no position to offer Tom Curren any advice… But I think that if he did a year of total focus on diet, fitness, and Yoga, and steered clear of any form of alcohol, he could seriously up his legend status. I’m kinda shocked that he let these things go, actually. Especially when Kelly Slater’s obvious commitment to the above has him in the top 6 on the WCT this year, and he’s really only a couple of wins from a 12th title. Curren could be still advancing as a surfer, instead of kinda showing glimpses. I say this with humble respect.

  • Grey Sea

    You missed this one

  • Shawnno)))

    That group of sharks in the Tom Curren video was sick!

  • Crossing The Streams

    It apparently made a fight: subterfuge of products in furtherance of a business with professional surfer athletes representing aerospace interests in other fields of commerce. Coincidentally, prohibited businesses with non-aerospace related fields are conflicts of interest. If indeed a fat ass was in the cockpit in real-time filming, can health experts write off not-for-profit activities for treatment of an obesity epidemic? You decide.