The Homegrown Project

The unplanned ascent of Nick Rozsa and Chris Papaleo

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| posted on May 17, 2012
  • john

    Nice work, Nick and Chris.

  • G

    Rowen looks stoked to the primal core!! There is nothing that is more of a reflection of what’s really going on than your own children. I mean he’s not even being tickled in this image…

  • Homie

    nick shreds so hard. i approve.

  • Tracy

    Nice work guys ;]

  • Judge #3

    Great story! Keep the videos coming!!!

  • dgbjpn

    An indictment of the insignificance of pro surfing with it’s current scoring. The guy’s not sponsored, but he could have been anyone of the surfers in the recent Billabong Pro Rio. ASP have got to stop giving away excellent scores for one maneuver rides.

  • cool cat

    Each video of the series is better than the last. 5th one in those solid mex waves was damn good. Turns, airs, barrels this guy does it all.

  • James

    What camera were you filming that on?

  • Anthony

    Slater regulating at 2:00 on Ep. 3!!!! And Nick easily jumped into my top 5 to watch after these vids. Not flicky whatsoever. Big boys that rip always look better to me. Big airs, big turns. No hickups.

  • PJ


  • jayjay

    That Reef board with the black trim. What board is it? I mean name and model?

  • PJ

    Board is “Da Monsta” by Proctor surfboards. Cheeck out “Nick Rozsa Homegrown Spaceship” for info