Op-Ed: The Heat Heard Around the World

Some thoughts on the ASP’s retrospection

| posted on May 24, 2011

Adriano de Souza realizing he'll be moving on to the Semifinals. Photo: ASP

Two days after Adriano de Souza’s questionable win over Owen Wright in the Quarterfinals at the Billabong Rio Pro, the ASP released a statement on what some bloggers and armchair pundits are calling the worst heat ever judged in the history of professional surfing.

As discussion boards lit up with negative commentary (particularly Facebook comments below the on Heats on demand and the ASP’s Twitter mentions) the ASP felt compelled to ask the judges for their reasoning on the scores that have dramatically changed the 2011 world title race.

Here’s an excerpt from the statement, as well as the current judging criteria from ASP International:

Surfers must perform to the ASP Judging Key Concepts to maximize their scoring potential.

Judges analyze the following major concepts when scoring waves: commitment and degree of difficulty, innovative and progressive maneuvers, combination of major maneuvers, variety of maneuvers, and speed, power and flow

It is important to note that the emphasis on certain concepts is contingent upon the location and the conditions on the day, as well as changes of conditions during the day.

“Now,” continued the ASP judges. “Adriano’s final wave was a lot bigger than what was shown online as the camera missed the bottom half of the wave – this makes any subsequent analysis of the heat nearly impossible when utilizing only the Heats on Demand version.”

No worries. I found a better angle that shows the full wave.

Rather then accept responsibility and admit to a mistake, the ASP blames the camera crew for not getting the bottom half of the wave, giving online viewers and those who used Heats on Demand a skewed impression of what really happened.

But Matt Wilkinson was there: “Floaters are back!” he said via Facebook and Twitter. And “Floaters are the new air-reverse?” An interesting observation from Wilko, who, in Round One, received an 8.00 for a big air-reverse.

A stunned Owen Wright. Photo: ASP

“Both of Owen’s airs were good maneuvers (they are also the bread and butter for nearly every surfer on tour these days),” argued the ASP judges.

What then, I ask, is a floater if it’s not a bread-and-butter maneuver?

In mainstream sports when an official makes a mistake they’re punished for their slip-up, and often served with a suspension or fine. In March of 2010, the Major League Baseball association fired three of its seven umpire supervisors after a wealth of missed calls during the 2009 postseason. No official word has come from the ASP on whether or not a similar action will be taken.

However, they did release their retrospection on Sunday afternoon, right before they published another release on how we should unite to bring back the G-Land event.

“We want to see another sick lefthander on the schedule for the world’s best surfers to tear into. So, ask your grandmas, pool your paper route money, write your local board shop, stage a sit-in in Orange County, hop on Facebook, Twitter, whatever, and let’s get this campaign going, ” said the ASP.

We should band together? We already have and it’s evident on every message board, Twitter feed and Facebook page. The results in Rio were a step back for professional surfing and the victor will forever have an asterisk next to his name.

The ASP concluded their retrospection with: “I pose the question, would you, as a fan of top-level surfing, prefer the surfers to do a good turn on a small easy wave or a good turn on a wave that is going flat-out with a heaving, unforgiving closeout section?”

I’ll pose another question: “Since when was a floater considered a turn?”

  • martin

    even worst than the judging, which everyone and his mother knows was bad and favored adriano to win this event since the begining, is tha fact that they made a world tour event in a place like this with this waves.
    Watchig this heat again what comes out is how crappy the waves were. I know there have been events on crappy waves before, but the problem here is that everyne knew from the begining that barra da tijuca is a mediocre gutless shorebreak. Obviously the money was more important that surfing here.

    • GM

      Yes you’re right. And can you imagine they are going to made other 2 tour events in New York and San Francisco? I bet you agree that’s ridiculous too…..or not?

  • nerd

    i think the asp was just really board, they were like ” lets give the little brown midget with massive underbite an 8 and will give the oafy albino nephilum owen wilson look alike an 6, ya that will get the internet neerds talkin, hey any pub is good pub.”

  • kathleen

    Can some one clear up if the person that did this post is part of the magazine staff and whether this is the official position Surfer is going to take on this? This post is disgusting.
    I agree with the commenter that the waves were bad and also contributed to the closeness of the heats. I would say that the heat was close, but was won fair and square by the little guy. I mean how many people can make that landing on that closeout section? You can see on that video that Owen didn’t want anything to do with that section and chose the easier waves. I’d say they rewarded the most critical surfing.
    I dont’ consider this the most controversial heat ever, not even for a minute. Slater versus Andy in J-Bay . Taj versus Bobby this year was worse. Taj versus Adriano at Snapper, anyone? None of these heats warranted an “official response” by the ASP. Think about THAT for a minute. Everybody needs to calm down and let it go already!

    • bruce

      kathleen-your comments don’t count. your a woman talking about surfing

      • Javier Paez

        Hey Bruce… Girls have brains too, and they can surf better than a lot of guys. I dont know about your country, but where I`m from, girls rip big time and know a lot about surfing.

    • GM

      In Brazil we have an expression for that kind of situation. It goes something like this: “chilly on your fellow’s eyes is soda pop”.

  • Leo

    That’s funny!
    “Adriano may have deserved to win the heat. But Taj’s critical, committed turns have been leaving the beach speechless and the judges in awe as they can’t help but give him that extra .1 or so needed to take the lead in any heat.”

    But now, “worse heat ever”????
    What committed turns??

    Media Diminishing again another Brazilian victory. yep because last year you guys came with Jadson is a “Spider monkey, one trick pony and terrible style”

    if a Brazilian loose it is “normal”, if a Brazilian wins “let’s change the rules”!
    Why ASP had to give excuses about this one heat??

    But really who in the world is Aaron Carrera? Is he the new Surfer’s Editor?

  • lamelameness

    this is an opinion, the writer has just as much of a right to express it as anyone commenting on this topic. He just has access to a medium that people will read.
    Im just saying, its a good thing surf journalist’s are finally posting an opinion on judging, instead of tip toeing around the subject.
    He like you, has the right to an opinion, and to make that opinion public.

  • Ok

    “I mean how many people can make that landing on that closeout section?”

    Way way more than can link together and the turns and land the airs that Wright did on both of his waves.

  • Jameson

    The question is: if it had been the other way around (Adriano being ripped off by the judges) would Surfer have posted smthing like this? Or does it happen only when english speaking surfers get the short stick?

  • Ok

    No doubt Wright being 9 inches taller than Souza 6’3 vs 5’6 has somewhat distorted the perception of the wave size too. On the backhand people seem to tend to get lower also making Souza even smaller….

  • Eduardo

    COME ON!! You guys will allways act like that when a brazilian surfer win an important heat. Accept the fact that Adriano´s floater was way more difficult to complete than the little air attempt from Owen. Let the kid do his job. He deserves it. GO ADRIANOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! GO BRAZILLLLLLLLLL! I dont believe a big magazine like SURFER allow someone to write this in their website!! This is ridiculous! I bet if this had happened to Kelly or other USA or Australian surfer you guys would be really really quiet. That was a close heat and if you watch just the 2 waves from each surfer you will see why Adriano won…

  • Ricardo

    Floater, yes it counts! To refresh everyone’s memories Kelly won in Brazil in 2009 with a floater. Jeremy Flores scored an 8 with a single floater. Why can’t Adriano get same award from the judges?!?!

  • Eduardo Sampaio

    By the way the things are going here, it seems that it is the first time there’s a questionable result in an ASP event. Questionable results have been part of WCT/WT events since EVER. For some reason Adriano x Owen’s heat have had the most fuss and noise since I have started to follow professional surfing events, 20 years ago. I keep asking myself if that heat, instead of having Adriano, let’s say Bobby or CJ were up against Owen… Would there be articles talking about it??? Surfing Magazines, surfing websites?? Huge discussions on the ASP page on facebook???

    IF the result really should have favored Owen, it was just another mistake by the PROFESSIONAL judges. To judge waves in bad conditions like Rio is very hard.

    The judges were scoring floaters during the WHOLE event. Everyone that watched the contest nows it. Adriano’s floater was no exception. That 6.5 from Owen was in a small wave and he did a pop up air with NO risk involved.

    THIS ARTICLE is the most arrogant one that I’ve ever read.You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Eduardo Sampaio

  • Roy

    Where i surf a child of 12 years can do airs in small waves like Owen
    but can´t land after a BIG floater like Adriano did

  • Paula

    “The question is: if it had been the other way around (Adriano being ripped off by the judges) would Surfer have posted smthing like this? Or does it happen only when english speaking surfers get the short stick?”
    @ Jameson:
    Who buy Surfer Mag? USA surfers or maybe Aussies. They simply don’t care about other places. Thats just the way it is.

  • Roberto

    Adriano’s floater was sick. The thing I don’t like about it is that the judges rewarded poor wave choice- sure it’s high risk, and I commend Adriano for charging, but since when does picking a pure closeout equal good surfing?

  • Gordon

    Complaints on Twitter:
    Joel (Aussie)
    Kieron (Aussie)
    Matt (Aussie)
    Dusty (Haw but loves an Aussie)

    Owen is? Aussie

    • Cave

      Tell these guys to fuck off. And joel better win the tittle now before he gets to old.
      Kieron Rips, but never will anything major besides backdoor where he is outstanding.
      Who da fuck is Matt?Wilko?, better cut his hair, he can see where he is landing.
      Dusty, is going to bite the dust soon.
      Owen is a freaking baby. And you Mr Gordo, shut up

  • How long?

    C’mon boys it’s over.Can anyone tell me about 2012?? Will Bong keep there? Unbeliveable how come $$$market can do bad choises. None of then – QF 4 should got a 5,0, and few the whole contest. Crappy condition like that could be either way, they (the judges) had enough time to watch X times the waves and choose the winner and they went for the local boy. Happen all the time in surfing contests.No surfing, time to go back to work. Peace.

  • Encunted

    @ Kathleen: If Owen didn’t want anything to do with that section, it’s because the highest scores throughout the event, and over the final day in particular, were (with a few exceptions – Adriano’s float, obviously) being awarded to surfers who managed to fit two or more maneuvers into the wave. The larger waves were closing out, offering fewer scoring opportunities.

    I also think Surfer should be applauded for running this article. This is the first article I’ve read on this topic that has taken a positive stance, one way or the other. Everyone else seems content to describe the result as ‘controversial’ or offer up some other banality. I find THAT disgusting. The surf media is becoming as meaningless as the ASP.

  • Me, myself and I.

    Well, after the hype, we finally have the truth. All those complains Brazilians did over the years were in fact real.
    They actually dont want us in the pro surfing game.

    Wow, what a lame racist attitude.

  • Ok

    Saying a floater should be scored high because other floaters were scored high is circular logic.

  • Jacob

    I really don’t agree that Brazilians have always been underscored.
    Alejo did very well at snapper and deserved his result. I had no problem with Jadsen winning last year. I had no problem with Medina winning a QS at like 15, he deserved it (And he won by doing progressive stuff).

    This heat was disgraceful though.

    I’m glad Surfer published this article.

  • Dan

    Kathleen’s right; get over it.

  • lamelameness

    i’m sure if owen, and the rest of the surfers knew that doing a floater on a 3-4 foot closeout would get an 8, every pro would have and could have taken the set closeouts and completed that same floater over and over, it would be easy to get a 16 combo every heat. But the surfers were trying to surf to what they thought was the criteria.
    please don’t take this a racism just because i do not think adriano deserved to beat owen, i mean i love the srfing of miguel pupo and gabriel, but i did not enjoy this.
    u ask if ther would have been noise on the internet if the surfers had swapped place, i ask, if adriano was the one doing the turns and punts would the result be the same? and would you be happy with that result?

  • lamelameness

    look at the picture up top of the doods checking the result.

    their faces say it all.

  • Rybo

    Well done Carrera for saying it like it is. This was a bad day for competitive surfing. There are many heats in ASP events that are close and could go either way. This heat should not have been close, was always Owen’s and now the whole surfing population outside of Brazil is in uproar, not because a Brazillian won but because the judging was so poor. Good luck to the ASP getting the respect back from the competitors and the fans.

    • Javier Paez

      Get over it…. bunch of sore loosers… we could go on forever with our comments back and forth, but the bottom line is….. Adriano won and nobody can take that away from him. Better luck next time.

  • maconheiro

    If was Kelly or a aussie surfer … would be a BIG floater !!

  • marie

    the floater wasn’t overscored in my opinion; the 2nd wave of adriano was however. why is everbody focusing on the floater??? (which was pretty sick…)

  • maconheiro

    Owen did a small air in the last section of the wave after have done two horrible maneuvers . What you want ??? moreover, airs is not a criterion to judgment , the whole wave is the criterion .

  • maconheiro


    Taj’s overscored waves ? or snaps are most impressive than barrels !

  • maconheiro

    taj totally overscored …. what the brazzos need to do ?????

  • miguel del toro

    me aburro….

  • Glenn

    Again?, crappy waves for an ASP final? Lame events with the exception of the Bells. Hopefully there will be better waves for this miserable start to the 2011 ASP season. Another thing, Adriano won over Taj in the final by picking smaller waves and completing unimpressive turns and Taj on larger more closeout wave with a few big critical turns. Watch the final and see. The judges need to make up their minds.

  • Ok

    How hard is it to get barrelled? Those snaps are definitely harder than getting a barrel.

  • Roger

    As an obsessed surf fan, I thought it might be interesting for Surfermag to publish an article on “controversial moments in Surfing”.

    I would nominate –
    * The December 2006 Pipe Masters Final. the amazing surfing by AI. But behind the scenes, AI was mercilessly hassling Rob Machado, which came out in the webcast at the 2007 Lowers Pro. Where, as fate would have it, AI drew Rob – and Rob beat AI.

    * The 2008 Lowers Pro contest, the final, the heat between Taj & Kelly. Taj had 2x 9’s, Kelly was comboed. Somehow Kelly won, and many feel that Taj was robbed.

    Again, there may have been “further ramifications” – the feeling among the WCT’ers that “no matter what you do, Kelly will win”. It would be interesting to talk to some of the pro’s about that time period. I know that un-even judging can be very de-motivating. What I wonder is if that perceived bias was related to AI’s meltdown. Obviously a touchy subject given the timing of the release of AI’s autopsy results.

    * The 2008 Pipe Masters heat between Sunny & Neco. When they went over the falls together, Sunny got pissed, and he punched Neco. Just one punch, I think. But that punch cost Sunny his wild-card back to the WCT, and he hasn’t been able to get back on via the WQS. I would guess that one punch cost Sunny at least $500K.

    It would be interesting to talk to Sunny about this, but, perhaps, from a distance.

    * the Owen-Adriano heat. We have all seen guys do humongous floaters, e.g. CJ last year in Hawaii, way bigger than Adriano – CJ got 8 for 3 critical turns plus the humongous floater. Obviously a different contest, but the Adriano floater in Brazil is the only single-turn floater I’ve ever seen that got an 8+. Owen was robbed.

    The judge’s explanation doesn’t do anything to ameliorate the conclusion. I don’t have access to the stats, but if we go back to the beginning of the WCT, and include the Triple Crown contests – has a single turn floater ever gotten higher than an 8 before, ever ?

    Personally, I think the judging is skewed by the judge’s need to assign a number quickly to a particular heat. If they had instant replay (which I think they do), and had up till 5 minutes after the end of the heat to score all the significant waves in the heat, I wonder if that would help to reduce the number of judging mistakes.

    As it is, they are often going on memory and emotional reaction, and a feeling of urgency. They can’t calmly ponder the scores. Personally, I think this resulted in some bad judging. In 2008, it may have resulted in a different world title result. This year, post-Brazil, Owen would have won the quarters and Parko would be sitting in the #1 spot.

    Personally, I do some commodities trading, where price moves are very fast & furious & I’m spending thousands of dollars in one second. So I have to know ahead of time exactly what I’m going to do, and then execute, or I have to be patient and hold off and wait for the next buying opportunity. Otherwise, I lose money, and it really hurts. If I strike at the right time, I get the Low Price of the Day, and I do a little end zone dance.

    I wonder if the ASP judges have to have a similar modus operandi. That is, to talk among themselves about what maneuvers will score high for any given tide & wave combination, and to work out some of the details ahead of time. So that, in the heat of the moment, they can make the right call, which is important given that these are calls that affect careers.

    Anyway, just some thoughts on the top surfers and the judges. I think they need to find more impartial judging methods, throwing out high & low scores doesn’t really solve the problem.

    • Peter

      Wow a commodities trader ….

  • adam

    It’s obvious that the Brazilians are going to say that the controversy is due to racism, and they’re partially right. There is an outcry because Owen was robbed, but maybe it wouldn’t be quite as loud if it wasn’t for the fact that a fit pumping, spasmodic, small-wave surfing Brazilian won in front of his home crowd. The truth of the matter is, having traveled extensively, Brazilians have given themselves a bad reputation. Loud, aggressive, and with no respect for order in the lineup it’s no wonder that it’s hard for us to stomach this win. They’ve made their bed, now they have to lie in it. So, Brazilians, next time you cry foul, and accuse Anglo surfers of racism, look in the mirror as the responsible party for your bad reputation!

    • Cave

      Hey Adam, Get over this. Turn the page, life goes on at the end it doesnt matter. Stressing over this, sayingi shit about Brazil, grow up .

    • Cave

      Hey Adam, I had a dream about you!! But when I flushed the toillet you were gone, floatong down the drain.

  • Eu memo

    Vao tudo toma no cu!!!!

  • Brad Western

    Close heats in crap waves are a recipe for 1/2 the twits to call foul.

    Does 2 airs beat a floater and an air. No, the floater was “the” move of a close heat in crap waves.

    Kathleen, Do you mean when Bobby won the heat against Taj and then had a brain and mouth explosion? It was a close heat and scored that way – and Bobby won. In virtually any other proffession sport he would of been fined heavily for the hate filled vomit he spilled out at the judges.

    Lastly if the ASP can’t get a sponser for another high quality left they should pay for the event themselves.

  • Ruy

    @ Adam
    I am Brazilian, I live in Rio and I agree with you about the bad reputation of Brazilian surfers. Usually aggressive, noisy and generally without regard to line up but not just us. If you can one day go to Indonesia (Desert Point) and see how the Hawaiians and Australians behave in the line up.

    However the key question is whether it was contrary to the Adrinho would have received the same attention?

    The sport must be fair to all. Not just when one party loses.

    For years I follow the surf and watch surfers Brazilian get robbed. ASP never gave us a feedback like they did with Owen.

    Now you come with that hypocrisy. Again, surfing has to be a fair sport to have credibility. And only then can we grow.

  • antony gallegos

    the final was held in average beachbreak waves and it could have gone either way. so the hometown boy won BFD. the tour still has plenty of time to put a new leader and new hero. i feel the outrage is because a brazilian is on top for the 1st time in a long time perhaps ever? quit your whining and jefferies will sort it out.

  • Floater heard ’round the world

    What’s funny is that the angle that shows the whole wave (top-to-bottom — which the ASP says makes the maneuver look a lot better), makes the floater look even worse than it did on heats on demand….

  • Oldster

    The two worst things ever to happen to surfing are the leash and and pro surfing. Professional surfing isn’t a sport. It’s a sickness.

  • Voice of reason

    Firstly I want to start by saying I like De Souza, and thought he killed it at Bells. He’s been on my FS team for the last 2 events.

    I think the big uproar about this heat is because it’s so obvious. There have been a lot of close heats before, where some people think cetain surfers should of won and those heats usually come down to a matter of opinion.
    It’s pretty clear though that Owen surfed this heat better that ADS and should of won.
    That floater was good, I like seeing commited surfing like that, but a 8.3? Thats a bit over the top. I judge even gave it a 9! For a floater, come on.
    The bigger problem for me was ADS’s 6 point ride- 1 std backhand turn and then a pretty bad off the lip that he barely made (had to paddle like mad with his arms to get out the foam squatting). Compare that to Owens 6.6- a good first turn, set up turn and finished with a clean slob air. There’s no way that 0.6 difference. Just because Owen makes those airs look easy, it doesn’t mean they are, otherwise everyone on tour would do them in their heats.

  • Chic o

    As the 1st on the rankings, a legitimate world title contender, and as usual happens with the top seeds, the judging continues to favor De Souza. He comes to stay, its a fact.

  • bigjoe

    come on!! it’s Brazil…the judges just wanna get out alive! of course Owen got burned, but it’s over. plus…if you look at the whole last day, Adriano was pushing it harder than anyone.

    PS…this new asp scehule sucks. im over watching this shit.

    ASP Dream Tour R.I.P

  • Matt

    Hey you wanna hear a true story. I was in the bathroom taking a crap the other day and looked down in the bowl, you know what i saw !?!? a ” floater”. But you know the slave drivers at the ASP could care less. There’s a whole bunch of clueless folks just waiting to get a hold of the s@*# there pushing. . Its pure business, and its competition..between sponsors that is. Go at it, you few, you ripping brave few, more power to you. The whole deal has a kind of Harlem Globetrotters feel to it. I was just starting to get on board, but could honestly care less about who’s on top when i have to watch crap like the Rio was.

    Now, the solution: Ladies and gentlemen, i would like to introduce you to the most intense surf competition in the world.
    The 1st annual ” El Brunso” Pink Slip event.
    This is how it works. -The pro’s show up with their selected quivers.

    – 2 men per heat, 30 min heats, best out of 3.
    – Winner at the end of the round gets to keep the losers board.
    – No priority, full contact, drinking is encouraged.
    – A tie will be determined by blindfolding the contestants and the winner will be the first one to ride a wave successfully.

    • Matt

      I cant do a floater by the way.

  • Ok

    I’m no longer taking part in watching pro surfing. I just realized I spent a few hours that day (and each day of the contest) watching garbage waves and garbage judging, on an incredibly biased tour (in several ways), that is taking out good spots and replacing them with junk spots close to cities (I wonder why??) and now I am reading comments debating the obviously BS result. What a waste of time.

    Anyone know any surf companies that do things the right way??

  • Me, Myself and I

    Finally people are leaving the racism behind and really talk about the heat or pro surfing in general.
    Regarding ASP… well, like I said before, there is no such thing as a pro surf event. It is more like a demo tour. Once you get this to your heads, you will be happy.

    Regarding Brazzos… well, we all know(Inlcuding you Surfer, who even did an article about it) and has been quote by foreign surfers: There is a biased judge against brazilians. Thats a fact which many pro surfer already talked about.
    Good thing that is getting way softer than it was.

    Regarding the heat… Adriano`s floater was sick, many surfers were well scored for similar moves and many ended up with an injured neck for trying(to name a few Alejo, Ross, CJ, Bourez…. the last two ended up in the hospital). The other wave was overscored and Owen should have won(even is his waves were smaller).

  • gone 2morrow

    Why is their controversy?

    Adriano and his floater that is worth 8 points.

    Concrete evidence.

  • fahrion

    Only one thing to say: saxon idiots, you wanna own professional surfing. Extremely poor mentality. Why should surf be the unique worldwide sport always dominated by a retarded colonizeminded group of people, I ask. The world changed, and you… surfing is a tradition sport, but its not a sport of pilgrims, stupids.

  • Funkster

    The floater was nice and I think the good ones in general are underscored, but Owen should have gotten a higher or equal score on his wave and there’s no way Adriano should have gotten a 6 on his backup wave. I think that’s the real ripoff, not necessarily Adriano getting an 8 for his one move. Floaters on huge waves, critical rocknroll floaters are usually underscored and Adriano’s was a good floater but even the though the wave was a “set wave” it was still only 3 feet. And the claim was silly. I don’t think the judges were pushing Adriano because he’s Brazilian, but the judging was poor throughout the whole contest. The ASP by responding at all to controversy, let alone giving it the weak explanation that it did embarrassed itself. More contests like this and the surfers will revolt again. I hope.

  • garyb

    Floaters aren’t considered a turn….. might aswell not do cutbacks or snaps or even get barreled. Airs and slides only to decide the champions, sounds pathetic to me. If ADS pulled into a barrel as long as the section he floated and received an 8 the world would be stoked… I pose the question ” Is a barrel better than this floater”. Might look better but def not harder. This is the worst article ever

  • ray

    why is no INNERSECTION film focusing on BACKSIDE FLOATERS
    why is no magazine photos focusing on BACKSIDE FLOATERS

    oh, wait… wait, i know…. cause THEY ARE WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Me, myself and I.

      But I bet you cant do one.
      Usually those “forum surfing icons” cant even stand on a board.

  • bond

    Is a floater a turn? Is the writer of this article a surfer? Most pathetic question in history haha. Couldn’t believe I just read that

  • boby

    This angle definitely makes the section of the floater way bigger and more critical and I now see exactly why the judges scored it the best wave of the heat. Controversy…..REALLY

  • Danny

    This campaing that Surfer magazine is doing is pretty biased and lame.

    The contest is over. If this was rely a mistake by the judges I have 2 bad news Surfer Mag: It happened before, lots of time, specially with brazilians been underscored.

    Second? Will happen again. Why? because surfing is a judgment sport. As you said, even in sports like baseball mistakes still happens.

    One question Surfer mag: Until when you will go on with this hateful campaing against the ASP and surfers? (yes, surfers, because you know you are putting wood in the fire and that’s very low)

  • Danny

    Is floater a turn? Is this writer a journalist at all?

    If the ASP is going backwards the same It can say about this mag.

    The editor of the magazine should be more careful on what to publish. This really don’t bring nothing positive on the table.

    Immature and Irresponsible sequence of articles

  • boby

    I agree Danny….SURFER lame lame lame. Surfing is judged and there will always be close heats and wrong heats but putting so much negativity towards the chosen sport that we all love is disgraceful. I love pro surfing and ASP provides that and they entertain us every month with a new event in a new location and if you dont like it watch another sport….. easy as

  • Dickson Cider

    Hope this settles this long diatribe. First of allm as usual, the majority of peopl disputing this go by names like Eduardo, which I understand because in my country I would defend Kelly and have when he decimated a very flicky Taj at Trestles by using the variety of manuevers, progressive, in the most critical sections. Watch Adrinao’s floater and you will notice one thing he does that Kelly also does, however ADS hasn’t figured out a way to make it unnoticable. He put extra drama into the drop and landing of that floater which obviously tels us it wasn’t as critical as thought. Just watch it again how he lands it and compresses like he fell off the Empire State Bldg. and then splays out his arms for balance. That was all an act to try and dramatize what he did for the judges. Slater and AI pulled floaters over near dry reef at Pipeline on waves of serious consequesnce. In short, unless you are a Brazzo, Eduardo, there has never, in my 25 years of watching the ASP, been a greater example of rediclulous overscoring of a single wave, especially on one manuever that hasn’t been in the progressive bix for 15 years. I rest my case. ADS has been surfing great lately, especially at Bells. The push will be his undoing as now the rest of the WCT have never painted a bigger target on a world no 1’s back,

  • Vic

    wow… I can’t believe Somebody from Surfermag would write something like this. I’m very disappointed. In my opinion Adriano surf better and had better waves. Of course Wright has good technique, however he didn’t used those in critical waves.

  • bigjoe

    anyone remember the late 80’s and early 90’s contest scene? the ASP pulled lots of this type of shit and most of the top guys left the tour. it seemed to be on the verge of collapse at one point. then came a true dream tour and people started to care again. the best surfers started too care. but with this shit, it won’t be long before the next exodus…
    the big companies are way too corpo now (remember what OP became?) and eventually all the contests will be at shit-holes like Brazil, New York, SF….oh wait…they are?!?!?!


  • How long? How far?

    Can’t believe so waste of time. Love Surfing a lot, like pro surfing, but not that much. Working now for surfing later. I’ll get a good one for you guys… Peace.

  • Eduardo Sampaio

    @Dickson Cider, I couldn’t help but laugh on what you have just written. I’M SURE YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW the contest. IF Adriano’s floater was overscored, so were ALL of the other similar ones, done by other surfers. Judges WERE scoring commited floaters during the WHOLE event. If you want to blame the judges for that, it’s ok. But in Adriano’s heat they were CONSISTENT to what they were scoring in previous heats. I’m over with it…. I want to see some good surfing in Jeffreys!!!!


    Dear Mr. Carrera, these are the facts:

    1- Adriano de Souza wins the Billabong Rio Pro.

    2- The semi-final round eas really balanced, but Adriano finded one of the best waves of the day (i agree that the waves are very bad)

    3 – The floater was amazing.

    4 – 360 airs are the bread and butter of these generation

    5- Even the brazilian national rookie of the year (2010), Alan Jones (or Alan Jhones), could beat owen. Please everybody, take a look at this video, maked in Ceará (a very poor state of Brazil). Check out the aerials (start in 02:08):

  • pyne

    Can anyone coment on the heat Taj versus Adriano on the Goldie ??? WHY THE HELL NOBODY COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT HEAT ??? Taj Lost that Semi. This heat was a close call, and I would give to Owen, but close. That heat on the goldie was outrageous. When it’s a Brazilian wining we all say it was wrong. PREjUDICE MATES !!!

  • Mik

    1. Roger: epic comment. very level headed. especially the comment regarding asking Sunny his opinion from a distance.

    2. Racism , and nationalism, exist. They have hurt many people, everywhere. Should we be surprised that they have fucked up the quality of subjective judging decisions in international surfing events? Ever watched the Olympics? Having said that, no one likes it. Let’s demand better in surfing. Let’s really fucking commit to fairness and appreciating everyone for their performances, and ignore their race, religion, or national heritage.

    3. There are “floaters” and then their are “FLOATERS”. Adriano’s was a “FLOATER” on one of the bigger waves of the event, and most importantly, he made two radical (but necessarily subtle) adjustments at a very critical position, and that is what gave him massive projection across the section. So that was something that sometimes gets massive points thrown at it. Just like a heavy roundhouse, or a heavy air.

    4. Since contests are scored on a point scale, Adriano should be clear about one universally applicable mathematical equation: CLAIM = LAME (except at double overhead ‘Chopes).

  • Mik

    BTW: The problem in Rio wasn’t that Adriano won it. The problem was how allot of the guys LOST it…. How crazy the judging was overall…And how pathetic the surf was. Other than that, the Brazilian girls are unequivocally rad, ya know?

  • Danny

    Congratulations Surfer MAg for the racial comments and debates that your articles are producing. That’s nothing about surf in your mag right not. Keep the “good” work.

  • Danny

    This is one of the most obscene behavior I’ve seen in a long time of a big circulation magazine.

  • jb

    The 8 for the floater isn’t what offends me but the 6 for the two weak-ass snaps that would have scored an NSSA star no more than a 4.5 is definitely offensive.
    As for all the vitriol being hurled at Brazilian surfers in general here (and damn near everywhere else), well, it may be a bit harsh but the fact remains that pretty much no one I have known in my 30 + years of surfing is or has been happy to see more than one Brazo paddle out in any given line-up anywhere in the world.
    I don’t care what the color of your skin is or what country you’re from, it’s the content of your character that counts.
    You guys need to chill the hell out, stop backpaddling everyone all the time, stop threatening to jiu-jitsu or capoeira bash everyone who calls you on your childish crap, stop hitting on everyone’s girlfriends (especially right in front of them), and start realizing that surfing is everyone’s to enjoy and not merely yours exclusively.
    You’ve proven yourselves on the world stage. You can drop the Napoleon complex already.
    And please, PLEASE, stop with the ridiculous claiming after every single wave and half turn.

  • average surfer

    theres no way in hell I could land an air to save my life, but i’ll try a floater at pipe if I get the chance…nuff said?

  • jb

    Oh, and congrats to Adriano. In the big picture he was killing it all event.
    Every surfer gets juiced now and again. Slater: Lowers. ‘Nuff said.

  • maconheiro

    hey, aussies … stop crying and to pollute the world ,use biodiesel !

  • maconheiro

    this is more important : CJ serious accident in Rio . Full history

    • Matt

      good looking man, perspective achieved.

  • JO

    Its been said before and ill say it again. No one was crying this much when Taj beat Adrianno at Snapper, Kelly at Trestles, and so on. Im actually becoming a fan of Brazilians. Ill like anything most of you lames hate on.

  • Ok

    The hate on surfermag is unwarranted, are you guys anti-free speech? Who’s supposed to call BS on things? Whether you agree with them or not you have to respect and realize the value of peoples opinions being voiced. This article makes me more likely to purchase the magazine.

    pyne/jo – people already commented on that and we decided Burrows maneuvers were more difficult than Souza’s barrels. If that heat was a robbery it was a very small one relative to this heat, I’ve never seen anyone get robbed so bad. The response of this one isn’t because of “racism” its because its a HUGE robbery, not a small one.

    Fact still is tons more surfers can land that floater than can land either of Wright’s airs, which were after he did turns.

  • Eracism

    It’s hard to support the Brazilians after hearing them boo when Taj and other rivals crashed on waves while in the water against Mini. That was the worst example of sportsmanship I have seen in Pro Surfing. Granted the Aussies get all worked up and fly their flag around when they win. Patriotism is OK but to this extent it was rude and made them look bad. Now, I am not saying that Mini didn’t deserve to win, I would hate to be a judge. I’m just thinking the reason for the outcry even though similar situations have been equally controversial has to do with the negative attitudes (continuously) being exhibited by the Brazilians. I said this on FB that day.
    Respect gets Respect
    Hate Breeds Hate
    And right now it’s easy to Hate on the Brazilians.


    • Danny

      You are judging a social-cultural behavior you don’t know. If you had been in one brazilian soccer game you would understand.

      Days after the contest is over Taj is sending cool msgs to the brazilian crowd and posting pics of him having fun in RIo:

      “Cheers for the support in brazil! Had the maddest time in Rio. Mmmm pretty sure next stop is the sentoozy!” Bagus. 4 days ago

      Different that you Taj is very open mind guy, who travels all over the world since he was a kid. He understand that brazilians are passionate about sport, that’s is part of their culture.

  • Me, Myself and I

    Apparently anti-free speech is this magazine that keeps blocking my post just because I said Tracks has decent argument, while Surfer doesn`t.

    Well done, let`s expand the hate. Hitler style.

  • sizzlesmo

    The Taj / Adriano heat at snapper was more of a travesty IMHO.
    Not saying the judges didn’t get this one wrong. This was very wrong.

  • traveller

    The day Adriano learns to control his spastic claiming, I will support him. Great surfer, too bad about his hideous attitude. I’ll take Jadson or Heitor over him any day… Adriano is a tool and everyone on the tour knows it…

  • wunderkind

    Look, the ASP has made some bad calls before with slater (slater v taj, three years ago and that same year a Damo V slater heat). People bitched about those too. This was bullshit Adriano surfed more and did some good surfing but Owens two waves were better. Bitch move on their part blaming the camera angel. If a big floater at the end of a bigger wave will win heats then jordy should have won against Mick. Fire the judges and put me in there. I am not biased by names or ethnicity. Adriano deserved his win in Spain, Jadson deserved his win last year. Yes, let’s bring the tour back to good waves this was a fucking joke and everyone knows it. You know what else will be a joke? NYC and OB. OB will be better than Rio and NYC might see better surf but the windows where it will be better are going to be like tiny as hurricane swells tend to spike and fade too quick and if the tide and winds arn’t right it will just be like Rio. Fuck the ASP, until they bring it back to good waves (even if it is beach break, at least make it good beach break like d-bah or france) I am over it.
    As for the Brazillians abroad giving themselves a bad name, I kind of agree. All the ones I have met have been nice guys and all but one were just the most unpleasant to surf with. I surfed one summer with a pack of ex pat brazillians, who were all friendly but in terms of wave ettiqutte they had none. They would burn you and hog all the waves in a spot where I am a second generation local and my family pushed for the first surfing beach in the area.

  • Richie

    I think the real problem is – They both surfed like crap !! A – the waves where closing out a bit – but “P U” !!!! If I had to pick “Owen” won !!! Also – It was a nice Floater – the best thing he did in the Heat.

  • fahrion

    Brazilian people is composed of good and bad guys, just like everyone everywhere, in Europe, Africa, Tasmania, Oz or USA. But racist comments and articles like this I have seen only in north american and australian magazines (not all). It’s practically an incitation to hate. I hope that this corrupted philosophy will change in the near future. Surfing is the joy of the world, not the apology of australian/american supremacy, what is pure BS. Shame.

  • Missing Mauro

    Reading this article leads me to believe there has never been a misjudged heat in the whole history of profesisonal surfing. And I´m not even sure this was the case here. Actually I think Owen´s tiny little waves were very unimpressive, despite the airs. This heat had not a clear winner. It was just a close call.

    However, there is an undeniable negative bias in the circuit towards Brazilian surfers. Yes, surfing etiquette in Brazil is virtually non-existing (I credit this to the scarcity of reef or point breaks, that naturally pushes towards the formation of a ‘line’, versus the abundance of beach breaks, were preference may get fuzzy), and yes, Brazilian pros tend to have difficulty with the language. It does not help the fact that averybody else speaks English, pushing Brazilians to form its own gang. Hence, the bias exists and it does not help the sport.

  • bob parno

    Well, the surf was terrible, the surfers weren’t much better, and if the judges were second best than that would be a triple play of sports. If anyone got screwed it was the poor viewers who get caught up in some lousy magazine article about a lousy heat where the presumption was lousy judging. Long live the Duke.

  • zach

    bla bla bla bla bla, its surfing folks.

  • Simon

    You people bagging Owen talk like you can all bust an air. I’m sure most of you can’t. The degree of difficulty to launch and land is higher then an old skool floater. It is a bread butter maneuver because the guys on tour all rip. The footage shows the wave size wasn’t a factor. ASP should man the fuck up and admit they made a mistake. It has nothing to do with anyones nationality it’s about getting the judging right for the fans, viewers and competitors wanting to win a world title. Be good to hear a Brazo actually say it should have gone Owens way instead of getting all defensive thinking it’s has anything to do with Nationality although on some sub conscious level it may have to the Judges.

  • ky

    8.23 for ONE floater…. that’s all that needs to be said.

  • Ayrton

    “O choro é livre”. Adriano beats three aussies in one day. Good boy!

    Go Mineirinho!

  • Ayrton

    PS: The headjudges were: an aussie, an american, a brazilian, a french guy and another one. I watch almost the hole event and i want to congratulate the headjudges, because all the judgemments were excelentes.

    Of course the round Adriano vs Owen was very balanced (excuse-me my bad english) , but everybody have to agree that it was a VERY difficult decision.

    Aloha, mates! (from Rio)

  • Bushy

    Real nice floater over big section, but not a 8.5 score. But still more impressive than those 2 lame airs over one foot of foam.

  • Marcel Ferreira

    People who hate Brazilians, I will tell you a few names: Cesar Cielo, Bob Burnquist, Pedro Barros, Danilo Couto, an d the list gos on… Be prepared, our time will come in the competitive surf too.

  • Ralphy

    Owen should have won, but there were countless times that Aussies were overscored in Australia, especially taj´s multiple ugly face turns on 2ft snappers or philip island…
    Why everyone is bitching now? Kelly gets overscored all the time, AI used to as well, and that how it is…The judges have their favorites and ties to sponsors and the local event organizers, period! Its all for the show! Unless the waves are cranking and there is no doubt who is surfing better, it will be like that.
    Poor Australians, stop crying like babies…See what happened at trestles last month, now there will be more brazilians doing air tricks with a better style, so an Aussie will never win in Brazil again, like only locals and maybe KS win in Australia

  • Pedrom

    These heat was a pretty controversial heat, that is fact, but the thing I CAN`T understand is why the brazzos can`t be on the top. Try to put yourselves on brazillians place. A nation that LOVE surfing and threat all WT surfers like godds, Idon`t think that surfers receives that threatment in all places the tour takes part, but the first time EVER they have a surfer on the top of ASP ranking they have to deal with MEDIA like SURFER mag that minimalize their win.
    that article sucks, and surfer mag should be ashamed

  • comedor de ausseis

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk chorem na minha seus australianos ou melhor para vocês entenderem ( fuck you australia)

  • Eduardo Sampaio


  • Eduardo Sampaio


  • jb

    It saddens me to see the bulk of Brazilians making defensive comments here in a manner that merely vindicates the negative stereotypes they have created for themselves.
    You guys really need to elevate your game.
    More altitude and less attitude. Do it for yourselves, for your nation, and for the world that would happily share in your successes if you could just learn to demonstrate a little more humility and show more respect when you travel.

  • Jeff

    That heat was a joke! Any heat in waves that bad are just a big waste of time. Curious how the events in New York and San Francisco go down. I live in SF, and surf Ocean Bach whenever I can, but honestly the place only gets good about 2 weeks a year. I thought this was the dream tour? Where are the dream waves? At least the Bells event went off, now that was “real” surfing.

  • Ayrton

    jb, you must say that to Queen Silvia (brazilian), from Sweden.

  • Ayrton

    jp: A stereotype is a popular belief about specific social groups or types of individual, so go to hunt crocodiles in your desertic country.

  • Lombowski

    A judged event is subjective and always will be. Poor surf makes it even worse. It was a close heat and the local boy won. Get over it. I think it’s great that the race has tightened up and look forward to J Bay.

  • jb

    I’m not from OZ, genius.
    And thanks for proving my points while annihilating your own.

  • Ayrton

    OK, jb you are a real gentleman and us e, Brazilians, are all almost barbarians. So i want to pay a ticket for you to go visit Hitler’s mausoleum.

  • Gus

    Is sad for the sport and everyone who watched that heat agrees that Owen clearly beat Adriano, ASP=Business

  • Ayrton

    Gus, this YOUR opinion, not mine.

  • dan

    I feel that the floater was the heaviest move of the heat, which was close. I wouldn’t want to be judge. The judging in this heat in particular didn’t bother me as much as the judging as a whole. The ASP should be called the Pro Marketing Tour. It seems like they judge the surfer, not the surfing. The most ridiculous part is the consistently inconsistent judging criteria, how it can be changed and manipulated based on “conditions” to favor certain surfers, leaving both spectators and competitors bewildered. If its T knox surfing, turns become the gold standard for that heat, but if its an air guy the judges want airs. Adriano is super good at floaters. Its only so controversial because in recent years the floater has unjustly been discounted as a scoreable maneuver and is usually totally overlooked by the judges, who like to see more spray.

  • Marcus

    Judging any art form is problematic. This is amplified in surfing, because of the additional factors of wave size, positioning, perspective… ad infanitum. From the video I saw in this post, the winner of this heat grabbed the bigger waves (wave) and surfed competently, while the surfer in yellow grabbed the smaller, more lengthy waves, and connected more moves. It was a “close heat” but I would favor the way it was called.
    For the heat overall, I saw two airs on smaller waves with longer rides; verses one air on a smaller wave and one big move on a set wave.
    Holding contests decisive toward a world title in surf like this is the real controversy, and a point much more worthy of debate.

  • the truth

    It was one move, a floater. This ONE MOVE was all that was done on this first wave.
    This specific move does not constitute the score it was given.
    This move is just riding on top of a breaking section which is not that difficult to do.
    It is easier to pull a backside floater because you can extend the landing.
    The difficulty level is 4/10.
    His stare to the beach was ridiculous and obscene.

  • Gus

    Surfing will never be correctly Judge if the judges are old school guys who don’t know any better, why the ASP don’t get guys like Gerlach, Pottz, Curren, Carroll,Olivencia, Elko, Ho, who
    know what’s up, I think this will help this problem for sure and there will be a lot less errors!!!

  • Marcos

    Aussies don’t tolerate anything that doesn’t speak english. One of the most xenophobic societies around.. sad…

  • Rodrigo ( BRAZILIAN )



    GET USED TO IT!!!!!!!!

  • Rodrigo ( BRAZILIAN )


  • KK

    Hei Aaron, I would like to read your comments on the Snapper hits when the brazilians Adriano and Alejo lost and got out of the competition.

  • Denis Vitaliano

    Nice win to Adriano. And it was surely a very good floater!

    Hey guys, you have to get use to Mineiro. He is good and also wants a fair win.

  • André Monteiro

    one of the greatest victories of Kelly in Brazil was a tube followed by an insane floater in the middle of the bar … woe is me to tell me that a California floater is not maneuver ????? Aaaaaaa’ll see!

  • João

    Pathetic attempt to belittle the victory of Adriano.
    How many times he (Adriano) and other brazilians had an unfair judgement against them, and nothing was said about???
    Furthermore, the victory was legitimate! His floater was great!!

  • Vitor

    This footage shows exactly what the “ASP” mentioned: Owen’s waves were a lot smaller than Adriano’s and Adriano’s surfing was more agressive. But I agree that the judges have been underscoring floaters through all these years. IT DOES SEEM A LITTLE BIT OF PREJUDICE FROM AUSSIES AND AMERICANS. WHEN ADRIANO GOT ROBBED AGAINST TAJ IN SNAPPER ROCKS, NOBODY SAID A DAMN WORD ABOUT IT. NEITHER THE ASP.





  • Sergio

    I was at Barra da Tijuca that day and I can tell you that the Adriano’s floater was definitely much more impressive than it looks when you watch the “heat on demand”. For sure, he deserved a high score!
    I dont even know if this Surfer Mag crap publisher was at the beach that day, too. I dont think he was cuz he had to watch different cameras angles to write this shit with some conviction.

  • José Carlos

    Predujice, arrogance. These are the words, nothing else.

  • André Monteiro

    Nobody talks Taj heat against Bobby? This one was stolen! And the worst and nobody comments!

  • Wolney Alonso

    This article is disgusting but someone wrote the publisher has the right to express his opinion, which I believe is Surfers Magazine position too, and I agree with that. Prejudice, thats the word. I have been following surf for a long time, which is much easier with internet these days. There are so many close heats favoring aussies and american top surfers against under dog ones, that is impossible to name them all. ASP position defending 5 judges decision is ridiculous and a dangerous precedent: are they gone argue and justify any close heat from now on? How is gonna be Adriano judgement from now on? Are they gonna be more strict with his performance? Shame on you all. I have never bought this magazine and never will, I just came here to express my indignation against this ridiculous attitude. Surf is just amazing as it is, with all subjective annalysis. Try to diminish Adriano’s victory is just unacceptable. He accepted his defeat against Taj early this year after riding two deep barrels – what was written about it? Get a life my friend!

  • Luan
    Check this video
    Parko overscored waves don’t you think? any impressive move to get a 9.00 and almost an 8.0? I don’t think so.
    Everyone can have a diferrent opinion but a guy from a important and international surf magazine can’t do something like this.
    Aaaron Carrera nobody in Brazil knows who you are, you represent nothing for brasilians man, and you are envy because with time our surfers are getting better, not only in big waves but in all kind of waves and conditions and doind all types of manouvers, our new generation are the best around the world for sure in aerial manouvers and every surfer knows that
    we are the best on bodyboard with GUILHERME TAMEGA, NEYMARA CARVALHO, PAULO BARCELLOS…
    Why can’t you tell this on your reports man? Why do you prefer talking bad things about us?
    We are good because brasilian people do the things with LOVE.
    We love what we do and we do with PASSION and RESPECT.
    I’m certain that you saw that heat somewhere by demand, because if you were at the beach feelling the magic brazilian crowd you would never said the things you said.
    Get used to see us on top of the world!

  • Diogo

    Aaron, you’re a big joke!! Have you ever surfed in your life?? Come to any beach in Brasil and you’ll see 11 year olds busting airs much bigger than that (very low, by the way, extremely easy landing) in every wave they surf.
    It’s funny, last year jadson was flying high (waaay higher than owen), but was always underscored. And everybody on tour said that wasn’t surfing, that he should stop busting airs and focus on curvs, cut-backs and a less progressive line of surf (except the HERO Andy Irons, who came to him a few days before he died – when jadson won a heat agaisnt Andy at Supertubes, getting deep barrels – and said he shouldn’t listen to any of that). Now, just because it’s an Aussie, easy airs should be high scores???? Okay, let’s do it!! I bet all top 5 surfers in the world will be brazilians!!
    Everybody is asking you about the heat in Snappers (Taj x Adiano) and you’re not gonna say a word about it?!!
    Dumb american, allways thinking you’re on top of the world and can look down on everyone else!
    For sure it was a close hit and could have gone either way. I agree that Adriano’s backup wave was over scored (not the floater, wich was really harder than it apears), but wouldn’t give anything else for Owen’s lame airs. But the thing is, it was the first time in ASP history that judges favored a brazilian, so every aussie and american is now thinking it was absurd!!! Well, i’ll tell you something, it sure feels good to have things going our way once!!! I can imagine now Teco Padaratz, Fábio Gouveia, Peterson Rosa, Neco Padaratz and many other who were robbed during their entire career laughing their ass offs (not to mention the old scool, like Picuruta Salazar, Ricardo Bocão, Rico de Souza, etc).

  • Sergio

    Wilko is an aussie and has the same sponsor of Owen, prick. As parcial as it gets. How did you dare write this article, been a journalist, using this kind of shit?? And Parko, take care of your life, dude, or you will be the new Gary “Forever Runner Up” Elkerton.

  • Diogo


  • Gustavo

    “The worst heat ever judged?! Asterisk next to his name?” God, what a hipocrite!! All these cries makes me wanna throw up! I am 38 years old and I had grown used to seeing every single brazilian surfer on tour being ripped off and blatantly ignored by the judges. Why don’t you talk about the countless heats your media darling Slater were was gifted by the judges? And Parko, Taj, AI, etc etc? Oh, but they are americans, australians, chosen by God to rule the tour! How in hell does a little bloke from a “underdeveloped” country dares to win a controversial heat?! Heresy!! Bring the torches!
    So guess what: GET USED TO IT!!

  • Joe

    Well said Gustavo, BRING THE FUCKING TORCHES, LETS KILL THE BRAZZO WHO WON A WT CONTEST !!!! AGAIN !!! OH , SHAME ON ASP…..oh man, Aaron, “possibly the worst judged heat of all time”….I tell you, that´s agressive…How can someone write an article the way you did in such a good mag ?,it´s just said. I think Owen won that heat, but that was a close call… over the last two decades I saw countless heats much more controversial than this, and, again, historically the brazzos have been ripped off 10 to 1 against Aussies and Americans….
    as Mr. Gustavo wrote, just get used to it ok ? accept.
    Ps 1. By the way, the footage you got doesnt shoe Adriano´s first turn on his second score