Ten, Perched

The joys of procrastination and surfing with Rob Gilley

| posted on August 14, 2012

Rob Gilley

Previously in denial about his photographic past, Rob Gilley now rummages through his trove of mediocrity.

Inspired by last week’s sight of a seamless fade/stall/nose ride, may I present part two of a gallery of images. Ten shots now presented, intended to stall pitiless editors, and with the purpose of keeping the Barbarians at the gate.

Dean Randazzo, La Jolla. Photo: Gilley

Jamie O'Brien, Off The Wall. Photo: Gilley

Oahu. Photo: Gilley

Laniakea. Photo: Gilley

Mike Akima, Pipeline. Photo: Gilley

  • Colin

    I love the third image – is there anywhere I can order a copy of that?

  • Rickard Willebrand

    Please, please send me a high quality image of the third photo.
    much needed
    I will pay before the price goes up. 😉
    Now living in Sweden,
    …old time Ventura local’s request.
    Much appreciated
    Big Thanx.
    Poor boy from the Ventura Avenue
    ……doing a little better now 🙂

  • Whamo

    I love Lani’s, but you can hardly see it in the photograph.